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Cinema Gear

Proaim Powermatic Scissor 17ft Jib

A Retractable Jib that Smoothly Moves In/Out of a Shot!

Proaim Polaris Dolly

Get the Functionality of High-End Doorway Dolly with Smoothness of Slider!

Proaim Victor Pro 42" Cart

Get Organized with the Cart that Works Best for You & Your Workflow!

Proaim Soundchief Cart

The Perfect On-The-Go, Organized Work Space for You!

Proaim Airwave V15 Arm

Curate the Ultra-Smooth Action/Chase Sequence at Any Speed On/Off Road!

Proaim Magnus Rickshaw

Want Smooth Dolly Moves without Tracks?
Take our Magnus Rickshaw for a Spin!

Proaim Quad-4 Pro Dolly & Bazooka

Light but Powerful,
Dolly Smoothly Maneuvers Heavy Loads on Set Like No Other!

Proaim Flyking Slider

Precision Slider that Produces Smooth Tracking Moves with Heavy Loads!

Flycam Flowline Master 180° with Placid

Get Smooth Shots with Much-Needed Back Comfort!

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