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User Manuals

Hand-Held Stabilizers

Flycam Redking Video Camera Stabilizer (FLCM-RK) 1.8 MB
Flycam 10 Video Camera Stabilizer with Quick Release (FLCM-10-Q) 976 KB
FLYCAM 3000 Handheld Video Stabilizer (5-30kg) (FLCM-3000-Q) 1.68 MB
Flycam 5000 Video Stabilizer with Quick Release Plate (FLCM-5000-Q) 2.17 MB
Flycam Flowline Starter for Camera & Gimbals (3-7.5kg/6-16lb) (B-FLCM-FLN) 1.55 MB
Flycam HD-3000 Handheld Stabilizer for DSLR Video Camera (FLCM-HD-3-QT) 1.89 MB
Proaim Vario Camera Support Stabilizer Rig (P-VR) 1.38 MB
Flycam DSLR Nano HD Camera Stabilizer (FLCM-DN-HD-QT) 1.71 MB
Flycam Nano Camera Stabilizer System with Quick Release Plate (FLCM-NANO-QR) 1.94 MB
Flycam DSLR Nano Blue Steady Cam Stabilizer with Arm Brace and Quick Release (DSLR-NANO-QR-BL) 2.76 MB
Flycam Junior DSLR Camera Stabilizer (FLCM-JR) 1.55 MB
Flycam DSLR Nano Handheld Steadycam with Complimentary- Quick Release Adapter Plate (DSLR-NANO-QR) 2.2 MB
Flycam Galaxy Stabilizer Arm Vest with HD-3000 Camera Steadycam System (GLXY-AV-HD-3) 6.01 MB

Body Mounted Stabilizers

Flycam Zest Power Stabilizer (5-15kg) with Vista-II Arm & Vest (VSTA-ZEST) 6.01 MB
Flycam Vista-I Stabilizing Arm & Vest (VSTA-I-AV) 1.51 MB
Flycam Comfort Arm & Vest (CMFT-AV) 1.44 MB
Flycam Galaxy steadycam Arm Vest (GLXY-AV) 1.03 MB
Proaim Seagull Arm Vest Support for Ronin & MōVI Gimbals (ST-SGUL-01) 3.61 MB
Flycam Vista-II Stabilizing Arm & Vest (VSTA-II-AV) 1.50 MB
Proaim Flowmax Body Support for Heavy Cameras & Gimbals, 10-25kg/22-55lb (ST-FLMX-01) 2.22 MB

Gimbal Support System

Proaim Extension Arms for Flexi Rig Pro & Camera Gimbals (FLEXI-EA) 2.15 MB
Flycam Flowline Steady Camera Support with Stabilizing Arm (FLCM-FLN-PA) 1.96 MB
Flycam Flowline Placid Two Axis Spring Arm (FLCM-FLN-PLA) 2.05 MB
Flycam Flowline Steady Camera Support Rig (FLCM-FLN) 2.71 MB
Flycam Flowline Professional Ergonomic Camera Support (FLCM-FLN-(N)) 1.74 MB
Flycam Flowline Professional Ergonomic Camera Support (FLCM-FLN-N) 1.74 MB
Flycam Flowline Master Professional Camera Support (4-12kg / 9-27lb) (FLCM-FLN-MSTR) 1.8 MB
Proaim 2-Axis Equalizer for Flycam Flowline & Camera Gimbals (ST-EQZR-00) 2.32 MB

Stabilizer & Gimbal Accessories

Flycam Arm Brace support (FLCM-AB) 1.01 MB
Flycam Body Pod (FLCM-BP) 840 KB

Cine Camera Cranes

Proaim Alphabet 21ft Jib Crane With 100mm CST-100 Stand (P-A21-JS) 2.67 MB
Proaim Powermatic Scissor 17ft Retract - Telescopic Camera Crane (JB-SCSR) 3.99 MB
Proaim Comet 12ft Euro/Elemac Cinema Jib Crane (JB-COMT) 3.12 MB
Proaim Wave-9 40ft Camera Crane Base Package (P-W9P40-BASE) 4.95 MB
Proaim Sky-Dweller 10ft Camera Jib with Seat Platform (JB-SKDW) 5.26 MB
Proaim 40ft NILE Camera Crane Package (P-W9P40-NL) 6.79 MB
Proaim 24ft Fraser (PF-4TR) Jib Crane Package (JB-FR4T-00) 7.54 MB
Proaim Kite-22 Camera Crane Starter Package (KITE-22-STARTER) 3.21 MB
Proaim 7' Wave-2 Video Jib Crane With CST-100 Stand & Portable Dolly (P-WV-2SD) 3.91 MB
PROAIM 38ft Base Kit Professional Camera Jib Crane (P-W5P38-BASE) 2.01 MB
PROAIM 24ft Camera Crane Base Kit (P-W5P24-BASE) 3.21 MB
Proaim 40ft Fraser Crane Package (JB-FR6T-00) 9.65 MB
Proaim 24ft Breeze Film Shooting Equipment (P-W5P-BRZ) 2.91 MB
Proaim Kite-11 Video Camera Jib Crane, 25kg/55lb Payload (KITE-11) 2.91 MB
Proaim Alphabet 21ft Jib Crane (P-A21-J) 1.7 MB

Video Camera Jibs

Proaim Astra 4ft Camera Jib Crane (JB-AS04-00) 2.0 MB
Proaim Astra 8ft Camera Jib Crane (JB-AS08-00) 2.0 MB
Proaim Astra 12ft Camera Jib Crane (JB-AS12-00) 2.0 MB
Proaim 7' Wave-2 Video Jib Crane (P-WV-2) 955 KB
PROAIM™ 12ft Camera Jib Arm (P-12-JS) 1.64 MB
Proaim 14ft Camera Crane Jib Arm (P-14) 1.64 MB
Proaim™ 14ft. Jib Arm with Jib Stand (P-14-JS) 1.31 MB
Proaim Firstake 6ft Foldable Camera Jib Arm (P-FT-J) 2 MB
Proaim 18ft Film Crane With Jib Stand (P-18-JS) 1.46 MB
PROAIM 9ft Jib Arm with Tripod Stand (P-9-TS) 1.79 MB
PROAIM 9ft Jib Arm(P-9) 1.47 MB
Proaim 10' Wave-2 Plus Telescopic Jib Arm Crane (P-WV-2PL) 1.82 MB

Crane & Jib Packages

Proaim 10' Wave-2 Plus Telescopic Jib Arm Crane with CST-100 Stand & Portable Dolly (P-WV-2PL-SD) 2.39 MB
Proaim Kite-22 Ultimate Package (KITE-22-ULTIMATE) 3.59 MB
Proaim 24ft/7mtr Wing Camera Crane Film Production Package (P-W5P-WING) 2.11 MB
Proaim 32ft/10mtr Grand Movie Making Kit (P-W5R-GRND) 3.42 MB
Proaim Fly 22' Camera Crane Production Package (P-FLY-22-PP) 5.52 MB
Proaim Fly 22' Camera Jib Crane with 100mm Stand (P-FLY-22-S) 3.59 MB
Proaim Kite-22 Popular Package (KITE-22-POPULAR) 3.35 MB
Proaim Kite-22 Wonder Package (KITE-22-WONDER) 4.19 MB
Proaim 7' Wave-2 Jib with CST-100 Stand, Portable Dolly & Jr. Pan Tilt Head (P-WV-2PP) 4.19 MB
Proaim 10' Wave-2 Plus Telescopic Jib Arm Crane Film Production Package (P-WV-2PL-PP) 2.21 MB
Proaim 32ft Flight Package (P-W5P-FLT) 3.53 MB
Proaim Alphabet 21ft Jib Crane Package (P-A21-JCP) 5.31 MB
Proaim 6m(20ft) Fraser Traveller Jib Production Package (PF-3TR-PP) 5.16 MB
Proaim 38ft Magnum Video Production Package (P-W5P-MGNM) 5.49 MB
Proaim 40ft Jumbo Film Production Package (P-W9P40-JM) 6.22 MB
Proaim 6m (20ft) Fraser Traveller Jib (PF-3TR-JTD) 6.22 MB
PROAIM 32ft Base Kit Supporting Cameras weighing upto 21 kg / 46.3 lbs (P-W5P-Base) 3.38 MB

Motorized Pan & Tilt

Proaim™ Jr Pan-Tilt Head with 12V Joystick Control (PT-JR) 1.36 MB
Proaim™ Sr. Pan Tilt Head with 12V Joystick Control (PT-SR) 1.19 MB
Proaim™ Gold Pan Tilt Head with 12V Joystick Control Box (PT-GOLD) 1.79 MB
Proaim Spin Pro Pan Tilt DSLR Motorized Head (PT-SPN) 1.24 MB
PROAIM Spin-3 (3-Axis) Motorized Dutch Roll Pan Tilt Head (PT-SPIN-3) 1.31 MB

Cinema Sliders

Proaim Flyking Precision Camera Slider (Mitchell Mount) + Flight Case (P-FK-H) 1.6 MB
Proaim Cambird Pro 6ft Camera Slider / Portable Mini Jib (SL-CBPR-01) 5.45 MB
Proaim Flymate 8ft Heavy-duty Camera Slider Track Dolly (SL-187-00) 3.23 MB
Proaim Flyking Precision Camera Slider (100mm Bowl) + Flight Case (SL-FLKB) 1.53 MB
Proaim Fusion 8ft Versatile Slider Dolly with Track System (SD-FUSN-00) 2.86 MB
Proaim Cosmo 8ft Professional Camera Slider Dolly (SL-CSMO-01) 2.22 MB
Proaim Polaris Portable Camera Dolly with Universal Track Ends (DL-PLRS) 2.02 MB

Linear & Curve Sliders

Proaim Curve-180 Curved Circular Camera Slider (SL-CUR-180) 1.06 MB
Proaim Curve-120 Curved Camera Slider (SL-CUR-120) 911 KB
Camtree Rayo Mini 8ft Track Dolly Slider (C-RAYO-MINI) 4.4 MB
Filmcity 2ft Power Video Camera Slider (FC-S2-4010) 818 KB
Proaim 2D Dual-Axis Video Camera Slider (SL-245-00) 1.56 MB
Proaim Spark Camera Video Slider (P-SPK) 914 KB
Proaim Flyking Precision Camera Slider (Mitchell Mount) (P-FK) 1.61 MB
Proaim Inertia 2.5ft Motion Video Slider (P-IN-2) 3.35 MB
Proaim Sway & Sway Pro Portable Camera Sliders (SL-051) 1.05 MB
Proaim Wigo Portable Camera Slider (SL-WG) 1.34 MB
PROAIM ZEAL camera slider (P-ZL) 1.01 MB
Proaim Video Camera 2ft Line Slider (P-L2-SL) 1.52 MB
Proaim Video Camera 3ft Line Slider (P-L3-SL) 1.57 MB
Proaim Curve-N-Line Camera Video Slider (SL-CNL) 2.3 MB
Proaim Flyking Precision Camera Slider (100mm Bowl) (P-FK-BL) 1.5 MB
Proaim Rubicon 3ft Advanced Camera Slider (SL-RBCN-3F) 2.01 MB
Proaim Skate Adjustable Length Slider (SL-SKTE-0277) 2.01 MB

Motorized Sliders

Proaim Curve-180 Curved Circular Camera Slider with Motion Control (SL-CUR-180-MC) 1.28 MB
Proaim 3ft Curve-N-Line Video Camera Slider with Motion Control System (P-CNL-3MC) 1.69 MB


Proaim-Cranked-Telescopic-Camera-Bazooka (BZ-CRNK-01) 1.73 MB

Rickshaw Dolly

Proaim Magnus Versatile Camera Rickshaw Support (RCSW-MGNS) 2.34 MB

Platform Dolly Systems

Proaim Spin Lightweight Doorway Platform Dolly (DL-SPIN-01) 2.8 MB
Proaim Freedom Multipurpose Film Camera Doorway Dolly (DL-FRDM) 3.32 MB
Proaim Quad Super Doorway Dolly (P-QUAD-S) 1.03 MB
Proaim Quad-4 Pro Cinema Doorway Dolly (DL-QDFW) 1.71 MB
Proaim Quad Super Bazooka Doorway Dolly (P-QUAD-SB) 1.94 MB
Proaim Cineline Mitchell Dolly Kit (DL-CNLN) 1.88 MB
Proaim Supreme Professional Camera Dolly System (DL-254-00) 2.11 MB

Video Dollies

Proaim Anchor Heavy-duty Studio Camera Tripod Dolly (DL-ANCR-02) 1.81 MB
Proaim Swift Camera Dolly (SWFT-DL) 681 KB
Proaim Portable Dolly (P-PRT-D) 806 KB
PROAIM™ Swift Camera Dolly System with 12ft Straight Track (P-SFT-DT-12) 2.22 MB

Dolly Track Systems

Proaim 36ft Long Flexi Track (P-TRK-FLX) 862 KB
PROAIM 12ft Straight Long Aluminium Track (32mm dia) (P-TRK-12) 925 KB
Proaim Stream 16ft Heavy-duty Cinema Track (TK-STRS-00) 791KB
Proaim Stream 16ft Heavy-duty Cinema Track (TRK-16-32) 1.27 MB
Proaim 16ft Heavy Duty Camera Dolly Track (TRK-16-25) 1.27 MB
Proaim Clip 10.6ft Foldable Modular Travel Track (TK-CLIP-00) 1.87 MB

Motion Control System

Filmcity PLUS Motion Control System (FC-PL-MC) 878 KB

Camera Carts

Proaim Bowado 36" Video Camera Cart (CT-BWDO-36) 1.8 MB
Proaim Victor Video Production Camera Cart (CT-VCTR) 1.72 MB
Proaim Atlas 38” Video Production Camera Cart (CT-ATLS-38) 2.2 MB

Follow Focus

Filmcity HS-2 Follow focus with Hard Stops (HS-2) 1.13 MB

Matte Boxes

Filmcity Power MB-99 Mattebox (MB-99) 718 KB
CAMTREE Camshade Video Matte Box (MB-CMS) 1.18 MB
Camtree Swing Away wide angle Carbon Fiber Matte Box (C-MB-23-CF) 1.08 MB
Filmcity MB-7 Professional Swing Away Wide Angle Matte Box (FC-MB-7) 1.69 MB
CAMTREE-MB-20 Swing Away wide angle Matte Box (C-MB-20) 1.04 MB
PROAIM MB-600 Camera Sunshade Matte Box (P-MB-600) 815 KB

Heavy Duty Car Mounts

Proaim Megagrip Car/Vehicle Camera Mount (CM-MGGP-00) 2.43 MB
Proaim Gripmax Vibration Isolator Suction Car Mount (CM-GPMX-00) 1.82 MB
Proaim Vibration Isolator Wire Mount for Camera Gimbals (VI-GR-00) 1.82 MB
Proaim ISO Dampener Mitchell Mount (ST-ISOD-01) 2.14 MB
Proaim AirGrip Auto-Vacuum Electrical Car Suction Camera Mount (CM-ARGP-01) 4.76 MB
Proaim Grip Master Vibration Isolator Magnetic Car Mount (CM-GMST) 1.97 MB
Proaim Airwave Vibration Isolator Arm (5-30kg) (VI-252-00) 1.46 MB
Proaim Airwave XL Shock Absorber Arm (30-65kg) for Camera Gimbals (VI-APRO-00) 2.07 MB

Light Weight Car Mount

Camtree Gripper G-10 Car Suction Mount (C-G-10) 1.79 MB
Camtree Power Mount Gripper (G-PM) 2.56 MB
Camtree G-51 Camera Gripper Campod Suction Car Mount (G-51) 2.16 MB

Mitchell Mounts & Risers

Proaim 4-Way Leveller - Mitchell to Mitchell (LV-4WAY-01) 1.36 MB
Proaim 3-Way Leveller – Mitchell to Mitchell/Euro Base (LV-3WAY-01) 1.67 MB

Camera Plates

Proaim Swivel Pan Tilt Wedge Camera Plate (P-SWL) 752 KB

Low Mounts

Proaim High-Low Boom Rig (P-HLR) 2.28 MB


Filmcity Easy Teleprompter (FC-TP-EZ) 1.64 MB/td>
Proaim Professional Speech Teleprompter (TP-SPH-01) 1.89 MB
Proaim Universal Tablet Teleprompter Kit (P-TP300) 1.73 MB

Geared Pan & Tilt Head

Flycam Truecam Motion Head (GL-020-00) 1.48 MB
Proaim Orion Geared Head (P-OGR-H) 1.15 MB

Microphone Accessories

Proaim™ 12ft Carbon Fiber Boom Pole, 20ft Long XLR Cable (BP-12C) 773 KB
Proaim BMP60 R Pro Long Blimp Microphone Windscreen (BMP-60R) 1.84 MB
Proaim BMP40 R Blimp Mic Windshield (BMP-40R) 1.28 MB
Proaim 12ft Carbon Fiber Boom Pole with 40cm R Blimp Windscreen (BP12C-BMP40R) 1.5 MB

Monitors & Cages

Proaim Director's Monitor Cage (P-DMC-SHD) 1010 KB
Proaim Pro LCD -003 7'' Monitor Kit (LCD-003) 867 KB
Proaim Director's Monitor Cage (P-DMC) 1.01 MB

Vibration Isolator

Proaim Mitchell Vibration Isolator for Camera Gimbals (VB-MTCL-00) 1.84 MB
Proaim Airwave V15 Camera Vibration Isolator Arm (15-50kg/33-110lb) (VI-ARWV-15) 3.25 MB
Proaim Airwave V530 Shock-Absorbing Arm for Camera Gimbals (5-30kg) (VI-ARWV-530) 1.98 MB

Wall Spreader

Proaim Wall Spreader (WS-284-00) 1.99 MB

Tripods & Heads

Proaim 100mm Camera Tripod Stand with Aluminum Spreader (CST-100-01) 2.33 MB
Proaim Overhead Camera Modular Studio Rig (P-OHLR-01) 4.08 MB

Cable Cam System

Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System (P-SWCC-10) 4.57 MB


CAMTREE Hunt 19mm/15mm Rosette Handle Set (Arri Standard) (CH-1915-RH) 766 KB
CAMTREE 19 - 15mm Base Plate With Dovetail Tripod Plate (ARRI Standard) (CH-DTPQ) 850 KB
Proaim Lanc Zoom Controller (P-ZC-3DV) 700 KB
Camtree Hunt Quick Mount 15mm Rosette Handle Set (CH-QM-H) 1.43 MB
Proaim 19-15mm Camera Base Plate with Dovetail Tripod Plate (ARRI Standard) (CH-DTPQ-01) 1.49 MB

LED Lights

Movofilms Sunfire Daylight 5600K (DMX-215-56K) 997 KB
Camtree 2pc 2000 Led Light (C-2000-2) 1.11 MB
CAMTREE 2pcs.1000 Bi-color Led Lights Kit (C-1000-BI-2) 851 KB
Camtree 2pcs. 1000 White LED Lights Kit (C-1000-W-2) 1.19 MB
Movofilms Sunfire 4000K LED Light (DMX-215-4K) 1000 KB

Fresnel Lights

CAMTREE 2pc. SUN 6 LED Fresnel Lights (C-SUN6-2) 706 KB
CAMTREE 1pc. SUN 6 Tungsten LED Fresnel Light (C-SUN6-TN) 1.08 MB

For Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Filmcity Adventure Rig Kit (FC-05) 4.56 MB

For Blackmagic Pocket Camera

Camtree Hunt Mod Cage (CH-MODC-BMPC) 853 KB
CAMTREE HUNT Professional Camera Cage (CH-PC-BMPC) 836 KB

For Sony PXW-FS7

Camtree Hunt Cage (CH-FS7-C) 1.04 MB
Camtree Hunt Cage Kit (CH-FS7-CKIT) 951 KB

For Red Scarlet / Scarlet-W / Epic / Red Raven / Red Weapon

Camtree Hunt Cage Shoulder Rig Kit For Red Scarlet / Epic Camera (CH-RSE-SRK) 3.48 MB
Camtree Hunt Camera Cage For Red Scarlet /Epic Camera (CH-RSE-CC) 2.18 MB
Camtree Hunt Cage For Red Scarlet Camera (CH-RS-CD) 1.12 MB

For Sony A7/A7r/A7s cameras

Filmcity Professional Camera Support Kit (FC-A7G34-KIT) 2.31 MB
Filmcity A7s Camera Cage (FC-A7S-C) 1.75 MB
Filmcity A7R II Camera cage (FC-A7RS-C) 2.26 MB
Filmcity A7G34 Camera Cage (FC-A7G34) 1.71 MB
Filmcity Shoulder Rig (FC-A7RS-RIG) 4.08 MB

For Sony A7II/A7rII/A7sII cameras

Filmcity Camera cage with Side handles (FC-A7RS-CSH) 1.33 MB
Filmcity A7R II Camera cage kit (FC-A7RS-KIT) 2.21 MB
Filmcity A7R II Camera cage (FC-A7RS-C) 2.23 MB

For Sony Nex-FS700

Camtree Hunt FS700 Cage (CH-FS700-C) 2.61 MB

For Sony A6300

Camtree Hunt Camera Cage With Handle & Baseplate (CH-A63-C) 1.44 MB
Filmcity DSLM Cage with handle (FC-A6360-CSH) 853 KB
Filmcity DSLM Camera Cage with top handle & Rod Support (FC-A6360-CHRS) 1.59 MB
Filmcity DSLM Camera Cage With Top Handle (FC-A6360-CH) 1.65 MB
Filmcity DSLM Cage (FC-A6360-CH2) 1.47 MB

For Panasonic lumix GH4 / GH3

Filmcity Lightweight Cage with Rod Support (FC-G34-LCRS) 2.14 MB
Filmcity A7G34 Camera Cage (FC-A7G34) 1.93 MB

For DSLR / Mirrorless / video Camera

Filmcity DSLR Camera Cage Shoulder Rig Kit (FC-02) 2.11 MB
Filmcity Power DSLR camera cage (FC-CTH) 1.91 MB
Filmcity DSLR Camera Cage Shoulder Rig Kit (FC-03) 6.03 MB
Filmcity FC-10W Handheld Camera Rig with Counter Weight (FC-10W) 2.64 MB
Proaim 9" Video Camera Cage (9CTH-TMP) 1.37 MB
Camtree Hunt Flexible Shoulder Mount (CH-FLX-SP) 615 KB

For Blackmagic URSA

Camtree Hunt 19mm/15mm Accessory kit (CH-URSA-AK19) 990 KB

For Blackmagic Ursa Mini

Camtree Hunt Camera Cage Shoulder Kit (CH-BMUM-SK) 2.57 MB
Camtree Hunt Camera Cage (CH-BMUM-C) 2.01 MB

For Sony A6500

Camtree Hunt Camera Cage With Handle & Baseplate (CH-A63-C) 1.44 MB