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Proaim Wave-9 40ft Camera Crane Base Package

Payload: 21kg/46.3lb. | With Big Heavy-Duty Stand and Dolly

Original price US $3,950.00 - Original price US $3,950.00
Original price
US $3,950.00
US $3,950.00 - US $3,950.00
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Bring a Whole New Level of Creativity to your Shot Creation & Visual Storytelling!

Take Your Next Production To New Heights!

Elevate The Level Of Cinematography

Proaim Wave-9 40ft Camera Crane Base Package

An All-Rounder

Jib that pushes the boundaries of technology! Combines everything you need to get dramatic sweeping and elevated shots.

Proaim Wave-9 40ft Camera Crane Base Package

Boosts Creative Strike in You!

Explore your creativity as a Filmmaker; Get Perfect Gripping Scenes to bring out Emotions in your Shots.

Proaim Wave-9 40ft Camera Crane Base Package

A Rock-Solid Foundation!

Jib Tripod Stand with Heavy-Duty Dolly; Offers a Sturdy base & Easy Transit; Excellent mobility coupled with a hefty payload.


Creative & Professional Shooting Solution

Uplift your creative potential and tease your audience with suspense and impressive viewpoint using the professional Proaim Wave-9 40ft Crane/Jib with Big Heavy-Duty Stand and Dolly.
It lets you capture incredible smooth & dynamic shots while promising high reliability and maximum performance.
The Jib supports Pan Tilt Heads & 3-Axis Camera Gimbals & Video Film & Broadcasting Cameras.
And its sturdy structure made of High-grade CNC Aluminum offers excellent strength with a payload capacity of up to 21kg / 46.3lb.

Proaim Wave-9 40ft Camera Crane Base Package
Proaim Wave-9 40ft Camera Crane Base Package


Expertly Crafted High-Performance Jib

Our modular Jib is engineered for optimum reliability and performance.
It features a central Fork that offers smooth pan-tilt movements while absorbing the operator's undesired vibration or movement.
The color-coded suspension cables let you assemble the entire setup quickly.
These cables add stability to your Jib system by limiting distortions in any shooting environment.
And we have included Hi-tensile weight bars to add counterweights, offering perfect balance for steady and effective shooting.


Smartly Designed Arm Sections

The triangular-shaped jib arm sections are divided into 13 sections and each section fit smoothly and securely into another one.
It has dual lock mechanism that strengthens the Crane System and makes it more durable.
Also, Arm length is adjustable, ranging from 16ft to 40ft (16ft, 22ft, 34ft & 40ft), perfect for any shooting scenarios.
Holes have been added to the tube section to save weight and reduce wind pressure without compromising the strength of the Jib.

Proaim Wave-9 40ft Camera Crane Base Package
Proaim Wave-9 40ft Camera Crane Base Package


Solid Foundation with Ease Of Movement

Since safety and stability are top priorities, we've paired a heavy-duty jib stand and dolly to give rock-solid platform for your 40ft crane.
The heavy-duty jib stand is super sturdy, and its unbeatable strength makes it an ideal support for your 40ft jib/crane.
And the heavy-duty dolly offers exceptional maneuverability with an impressive payload of up to 600kg/1323lb to carry & move the heaviest of loads with ease.
Adding to it, this portable floor dolly owns an outstanding framework with pneumatic wheels, leveling supports, steering, and wheel locks that upgrade your user experience.


Simplified Carrying

A ten-pocket tool/accessory roll pouch is included for quick access to tools like Allen keys and wrenches, making tool storage sleek and effortless.
The Crane Package comes in custom-made storage cases to securely store and transport your gears.
And all these amazing perks outperform other jibs in the market, whether it's superior quality, optimum performance, or cost-effectiveness.

Proaim Wave-9 40ft Camera Crane Base Package

See how the Wave-9 40ft Camera Crane Works

Specifications(Camera Jib Arm)


  High-Grade CNC Aluminum

Payload Capacity

  21kg / 46.3lb

Jib Sections


Each section length


Jib Length


Jib Arm Wall Thickness


Crane Pan Lock



Proaim Wave-9 40ft Camera Crane Base Package

Product Weight (without packing) 

  Case 1 = 35.5kg / 78lb
  Case 2 = 33.5kg / 73.8lb
  Case 3 = 32kg / 70.5lb
  Case 4 = 36kg / 79.3lb

Specifications(Big Heavy-Duty Jib Stand)


  High-grade Solid Aluminum


  Maximum: 4ft 8inch
  Minimum: 3ft

Hub Assembly Diameter


Hub Mount Thickness



Proaim Wave-9 40ft Camera Crane Base Package

Product Weight (without packing)

10.7kg / 23.5lb

Specifications(Big Heavy-Duty Dolly)


  High Grade aluminum

Maximum Load capacity

  600kg / 1323lb

Wheels Diameter

  10 inch

Wheels Thickness

  2.45 inch

Central Distance


Height From Ground

  15 inch

Wheel Lock



Proaim Wave-9 40ft Camera Crane Base Package

Product Weight (without packing)

  67kg / 147.7lb

Packing Info

Product Volumetric Weight (with packing)

  Case 1 = 41.7kg / 91.9lb
  Case 2 = 41.7kg / 91.9lb
  Case 3 = 41.7kg / 91.9lb
  Case 4 = 41.7kg / 91.9lb
  Case 5 = 55kg / 121lb

In the Box

40ft Wave 9 Jib crane
Big Heavy Duty Jib Stand (HD-STD-B)
Big Heavy Duty Camera Dolly with floor wheels (HDD-B)
Complimentary Tools & Tool Pouch
Storage & Packing Cases


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  • We will use it mostly in 22 ft. Mode - Question: Can we purchase this for 22 ft . Now, and buy the extra sections for 40 ft. In the future, or if we’ll ever need it? If so what would be the purchase price ?

    Sorry, we don't sell the Proaim Wave-9 40ft Camera Crane upto 22ft length jib, you need to buy the complete package and you can use it in shorter 22ft lengths.

  • We are needed to purchase the head of crane separately, as the one specified features the standard Mitchel mount . Our crane head motors are waterproof, backlash-free, and has very smooth operation on slow speeds, providing probably one of the best motion controls among light-weight crane camera heads. This is the spec the mitch head, that we plan to match with the P-W9P40-BASE at 22 feet only, if you can seamlessly accommodate

    In order to attach the Mitchell head with the Proaim Wave-9 40ft Camera Crane, you need the Proaim Mitchell Mount (CR-MTCL) accessory.

  • Can each joint of the crane be leveled easily and precisely, which is very important for professional level virtual effects ?

    Yes, each joint of the crane be leveled easily and precisely to take professional level virtual effects.

  • If you can provide more details on the quality of the bearings and bearing chassis of the Central fork

    The earing chassis of the Central fork has Thrust roller bearing.

  • Paquete básico de grúa para cámara Proaim Wave-9 de 40 pies este paquete incluye cabezal

    El paquete básico de grúa para cámara Proaim Wave-9 de 40 pies no incluye el cabezal de inclinación panorámica.
    Sin embargo, el otro modelo de paquete de brazo ondulado con SKU: P-W9P40-JM incluye un cabezal de inclinación panorámica Spin-3 (3 ejes). Enlace:

  • Hello, is screen includes in the crane packages ?

    The Proaim Camera Crane Packages does not include the monitors or screens.