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Proaim Victor Lite Video Production Camera Cart

Payload 200kg/440lb

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Get your Gear on Wheels!

Handling your Gear made so Easy - Bring Convenience to your Filmmaking Life

Makes you Organised

Efficient Storage Solution that perfectly keeps your entire camera gear range safely organized & accessible

Always be on time

Travel Friendly Carts - Makes Moving Around to Different Locations a lot More Enjoyable

Made for your Ease

Carts Specifically made for Film Production Can Really Help Streamlining your Workflow



  High Grade Aluminium

Load Capacity

  Top Shelf- 80kg / 176.3lb
  Fixed (Platform) Shelf- 120kg / 264.5lb


  Rear Wheel: Revolving with foot break
  Front Wheel: Fixed Direction

Shelf size:LxWxH

  VCTR‐LT‐36: 36x27x3.1”
  VCTR‐LT‐42: 42x27x3.1”


  Pneumatic Tires(Air‐Filled)
  Wheel Pressure: 30PSI
  Diameter: 10”
  Width: 3.5”
  Alloy Rim Diameter: 4”

Dimensions of VCTR-LT-36

Proaim Victor Lite Video Production Camera Cart

Dimensions of VCTR-LT-42

Proaim Victor Lite Video Production Camera Cart

Product Weight (without packing)

  VCTR‐LT‐42 : 48.7kg / 94.79lb

In the Box

  Top Shelf
  Lower Shelf with (4 x 6” Foldable Rods)
  4 x Pneumatic Tyres
  1 x Handle
  2 x Rubber Handles
  4 x Knobs
  1 x Accessory Crossbar


Designed for your Convenience

Proaim brings you the most sort after victor cart in one more version.
The Victor Lite is more spacious, broader, easy stroll-able & lighter.
Proaim production camera carts serve as a hub for the directors & DP's camera department, where you keep your load of equipment in one place.
It is a well-built CNC aluminum construction with a massive payload capacity.


Customizable to Take it Anywhere

Proaim Rock & Roller Carts are much more than a standard camera cart. These are quickly transformed into a DIT Cart, a Sound Cart, a Lighting Cart, or even an Equipment Dolly.
The Proaim Victor Lite Cart is designed for the convenience of Professional Videomakers, Filmmakers, and Photographers.
It comes with Rosette Knobs, which are easily operatable from the top.
The quick & completely tool-free to assembles / disassembles.
And within a few minutes, it collapses into a flight-ready Compact Suitcase for traveling.


Advanced Wheels for Smooth Rolling

We have used Pneumatic wheels to ensure your Multi-purpose Camera Cart remains light & smooth while strolling.
One set of wheels comes with a 360° Swivel Caster & a swift foot brake.
And another set has Rigid Caster to offer smooth movement & to keep your functionality intact.
Wheels are attached to the Cart via a Dovetail & secured with a Rachet lock for quick assembly.


Detailed Designed - Effortless to go With

It will make your life a lot easier & happier by not letting you carry your heavy equipment.
The Comfortable & Ergonomic Handles are given for a solid and comfortable hold.
The shelves are carpeted with High-Quality Matt to keep your camera equipment scratch-free & noise-free.
Film Cart is an ideal choice for your studios & outdoor locations. It is something to take where ever you go for a shoot.
Proaim Carts changes your busy & tiring shooting experience into a more organized & makes you feel more pro.

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