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Proaim Vanguard Collapsible Cart for Holding C-stands

362kg/800lb | For Grip Equipment Users & Operators


Keep All of Your C-Stands in One Place!

A Smart & Modern Handling Cart for Your C-Stands!


Get Organized

Ease your daily burden of lugging C-stands with Proaim Vanguard C-Stand Cart, a smart equipment-handling cart for the film, television, and photo industry.
It is, without a doubt, the most practical travel and storage option for your C-stands on set or in the studio.
Tailored for holding up to 14 stands, this smart cart can easily fit through doorways and doesn't take much of your space.

Proaim Vanguard Cart for Holding C-stands
Proaim Vanguard Cart for Holding C-stands


Sturdy Built

It is a precisely engineered, high-quality gear that offers plenty of storage capacity with an impressive payload
This heavy-duty stand features smart rubber support for your stands where you can neatly & securely mount your stands.
Also, we have inserted rubber straps on the cart's bottom support to avoid scratches and damage to the C-stand.


Maneuver With Ease

The C-stand cart rolls incredibly smooth and silent with reliable and lightweight with two front Pneumatic wheels and two rear swivel caster wheels with brakes.
Besides that, it has two D-shaped sturdy handles on the top of the cart for a solid and comfortable hold.
Its collapsible design makes it easy to transport; just unbolt the screws, and you are ready to go.
These incredible features make single handling easy and smooth maneuverability on location.



  High-Quality Mild-steel

Holding Capacity

  Up to 14 C-stands


  Rear: 2x Pneumatic
  Front: 2x Swivel Caster Wheels
  Brakes: Yes, on Front Wheels

Pneumatic Wheels

  Size: 4.10/3.50‐4
  Thickness: 3.3"
  Pressure : 30PSI

Castor Wheels

  Size: 6”
  Thickness: 2”


Proaim Vanguard Cart for Holding C-stands

Product weight (without Packing) 

  31kg /68.34lb

Product weight (with Packing)

  42.52kg /93.74lb

In the Box

Proaim Vanguard C-Stand Cart

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