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Proaim Travel Case Makes Transporting Easier!

Best Travel Partner For Your Cart

If you plan to travel/fly with your Proaim Atlas V2 Video Production Camera Cart, the Proaim Cover Bag is necessary.
It has a shipping label pocket in front, a business card pocket on the side, & two heavy-duty lifting handles to ease your transportation.
It is a soft case, and it doesn’t resist impact.
The cart fits in Bag in its folded form.

Proaim Travel Bag / Cover Case for Atlas V2 Camera Cart
Proaim Travel Bag / Cover Case for Atlas V2 Camera Cart

Store Your Cart Conveniently

A travel bag is a must to ease your storage & transportation.
It protects the cart and, most importantly, the aluminum dovetail system from scratches and minor dings.
It is made up of lightweight, durable material which will last long.



  Black Cordura Fabric

Soft case

  Not impact resistant

Water Proof


Product weight (without packing)

  1 kg / 2.20 lb

Product weight (with packing)

  1.54 kg / 3 lb

In the Box

  Proaim Travel Bag for Atlas V2 Camera Cart
  Shipping Label Pocket
  Business Card Pocket
  Pair of Heavy-Duty Handles

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