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Proaim SuperGrip Suction Car Mount w Vibration Isolator for Camera Gimbals

Payload: 2-20kg / 4.4-44lb | For 3-Axis Camera Gimbals - DJI Ronin, Movi etc.

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Get Epic Smooth Speed Car Shots with Maximum Security & Stability!


Integrated Vibration Isolator

Removes high-frequency vibrations & dampens low-frequency oscillations.


Versatility At Its Best

Use vibration isolator separately Over-slung or Under-slung, whether on a vehicle, crane, jib, or dolly.

Proaim SuperGrip Suction Car Mount w Vibration Isolator for Camera Gimbals

Compatible with All Major Gimbal Systems

SuperGrip has all the necessary threading to adapt any major gimbal system.

See how the SuperGrip Car Mount Works



  High-Grade CNC Aluminum

Load Capacity

  2-20kg / 4.4-44lb

Compatible Gimbals

  3-Axis Camera Gimbals - DJI Ronin, Movi

Accessory Mounting

  Multiple 3/8”-16, 1/4”-20, and M8 threads



Product Weight (Without Packing)

  7.5kg / 16.53lb

Product Volumetric Weight (With Packing)

  24.1kg / 53.13lb

In the Box

Vibration Isolator
8 x Suction Grippers(with dust covers)
4 x Arms
2x Safety Belts Hard Case

User Manual


Exceptionally Capable Isolator System

Get absolutely smooth motion shots in moving vehicles with a Proaim SuperGrip Vibration Isolator System that eliminates unwanted camera vibrations along with cutting car rig setups down to just minutes.
It is a solid Grip system in combination with a vibration isolator, four arms, and powerful suction cups, undoubtedly the most reliable and highly-adaptable car rigging system.
It is quickly mounted onto any moving platform for a stable and secure base for your Camera Gimbal Setup as heavy as 2-20kg / 4.4-44lb.

Proaim SuperGrip Suction Car Mount w Vibration Isolator for Camera Gimbals


Robust & Reliable Grip System

This SuperGrip isolator system offers a solid grip that is reliable to execute those tricky moving shots confidently.
The eight powerful suction cups have a built-in Hand-Actuated Pump System with a Pressure Warning Indicator, and they grip like glue on any non-porous surface and firmly hold your setup when moving at high speeds.
And these eight suction cups mount beneath the four sturdy arms and attach the rig to your vehicle, depending on the weight requirement.


Smoothest Possible Shots Even at High Speed

The integrated Vibration Isolator under the top plate absorbs the shocks, bumps, and high-frequency vibrations while damping low-frequency oscillations.
It is equipped with strategically configured Shock Modules with Tension Cables to support the gimbal & absorb inertial movements; use these cable blocks in different configurations to precisely achieve the lift needed.
Also, it has multiple 3/8”-16, 1/4”-20, and M8 threads on the top plate for mounting cameras, gimbals, support arms, speed rail clamps, etc.
Plus, you can also use the vibration isolator separately in Over-slung or Under-slung, whether on a vehicle, crane, jib, or dolly. .



Smart, User-Friendly Design

All suction cups come with dust covers to protect grippers from dust & provide maximum surface adhesion.
And it comes snugly packed in a sturdy flight case with a custom foam insert for effortless traveling around different sets and locations.

Caution:Recheck the Pump every 90 minutes. If the red line is visible, Re-pump the cup without losing the remaining vacuum till the Red Line disappears.


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