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Proaim SnapRig Monitor Cage

Proaim SnapRig Monitor Cage for Atomos Ninja V/V+ | CG-03


Fully Featured Cage
Embrace and enhance the functionality of your Atomos Ninja V/V+ monitor with the Proaim SnapRig Monitor cage.
It is a form-fitted cage that provides a sturdy frame for the Atomos Ninja V/V+ monitor without obstructing any buttons of the monitor.
Besides protection, this cage offers a host of benefits, such as great mounting flexibility, quick setup, cable shielding, accessible ports, and more; the benefits are indeed countless here.

Proaim SnapRig Monitor Cage for Atomos Ninja V/V+ | CG-03
Proaim SnapRig Monitor Cage for Atomos Ninja V/V+ | CG-03


Sleek & Smart Design
It has an elegant & sleek High-Grade CNC Aluminum body that ensures long-lasting durability & perfect support.
The cage includes a detachable HDMI cable clamp to secure your HDMI cables and prevent them from coming loose while shooting.
And the cage anti-shedding drive locks support SDD, plus it makes the cage back-compatible with the Atomos Master Caddy II.


Mounting Points
It mounts directly to tripods with a 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 threaded mount and has multiple universal connections for mounting additional accessories.
The ARRI-style accessory and multiple thread holes let you attach mics, lights, articulating arms, and other devices and accessories.
The inbuilt strap slot lets you add a hand or wrist strap for additional safety and support.
Also, the cage has integrated top & bottom NATO rails to attach SnapRig Mini handles & monitor holders.

Proaim SnapRig Monitor Cage for Atomos Ninja V/V+ | CG-03




Mounting Threads

  1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Screw


  Atomos Ninja v/v+


  Nato Rails at Top & Bottom


  Atomos Ninja V/V+

  Multiple: 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16, ARRI-Style



Product Weight (without Packing)

  0.17kg /0.37lb

Product Weight (with Packing)

  0.87kg /1.91lb


Proaim SnapRig CG-03 Cage
Wire Clamp Holder
4x15” Bolts 2 x
2.5mm, 4mm, 1.5mm Allen Keys 3 x

3x8mm Bolt 2 x
1/4” -20 x 3/8” Button Head Bolts 2 x

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  • Is the cage sold as a complete unit or do I need to assemble it?

    The Proaim SnapRig Monitor Cage will be shipped fully assembled and ready for use.

  • Is there any provision to attach a sun hood to Proaim SnapRig Monitor Cage ?

    Yes, Sun hood can be attached with Proaim SnapRig Monitor Cage.