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Keep Your Accessories Organized & Secured!


Cluttered Workstation – Not Anymore!

Keeping your accessories sorted & protected becomes a real concern especially when you work outdoors. But if you have something that perfectly solves the hassle, you feel much relieved.
PROAIM Smart-Lock Drawer is a deep & fully enclosed one that takes in all suitable video production accessories & facilitates convenient access to them.
It not only carries your hard drives, camera accessories, cleaning supplies & other quick-access tools but also safeguards them.

Proaim-Smart-Lock-Drawer-for-Proaim-Victor-V1-Victor-Lite-Atlas Cart


Sturdy with Smooth Sliding Mechanism

It is constructed with high-grade CNC aluminum and has stainless steel sliding hardware that makes a durable piece of equipment. The drawer is affixed to your cart by drilling holes into the cart, ensuring a solid and secure attachment.
The soft-closing sliding mechanism prevents the gear inside the drawer from smashing & hitting together. It also ensures a sturdy & wobble-free external setup.
It is internally layered with a soft carpet that protects both the items placed in the drawer as well as the drawer itself from scratches.


Security You Can Trust

It features a 3-digit personalized combination lock that ensures your valuable gear is fully protected & makes you work with full freedom without worrying about the drawer’s stuff.

Proaim-Smart-Lock-Drawer-for-Proaim-Victor-V1-Victor-Lite-Atlas Cart
Drawer Mounting Capacity of Carts
Cart Model Drawer Mounting CapacityDrawer Positioning
VCTR-V1-32 1Top
VCTR-V1-36 1Top - 1
VCTR-V1-42 3Top - 2 & Bottom - 1
VCTR-V1-48 4Top – 2 & Bottom - 2
VCTR-LT-32 1Top
VCTR-LT-36 1Top - 1
VCTR-LT-42 3Top - 2 & Bottom - 1
VCTR-LT-48 4Top – 2 & Bottom - 2
ATLS-V2-38 2Top - 1 & Bottom - 1
ATLS-V2-48 4Top – 2 & Bottom - 2



  High-grade Aluminum with Stainless Steel Fasteners


  9.97kg / 22lb

Lock Type

  Number lock

Compatible Carts

  Proaim Victor V1.1 Video Production Camera Cart ( VCTR-V1-32)
  Proaim Victor Lite Video Production Camera Cart ( VCTR-LT-32)
  Proaim Atlas V2 Video Production Camera Cart (ATLS-V2-38)


Proaim-Smart-Lock-Drawer-for-Proaim-Victor-V1-Victor-Lite-Atlas Cart

Product Weight (without packing)

  3.3kg / 7.27lb

Product Volumetric Weight(With Packing)

  10.6kg / 23.36lb

In the Box

1 x Drawer
1 x Lock

User Manual

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