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Proaim Smart Lock Drawer for Proaim Victor V1, Victor Lite, Atlas Cart


Keep Your Accessories Organized & Secured!


Cluttered Workstation – Not Anymore!

Keeping your accessories sorted & protected becomes a real concern especially when you work outdoors. But if you have something that perfectly solves the hassle, you feel much relieved.
PROAIM Smart-Lock Drawer is a deep & fully enclosed one that takes in all suitable video production accessories & facilitates convenient access to them.
It not only carries your hard drives, camera accessories, cleaning supplies & other quick-access tools but also safeguards them.

Proaim Smart Lock Drawer for Proaim Victor V1, Victor Lite, Atlas Cart
Proaim Smart Lock Drawer for Proaim Victor V1, Victor Lite, Atlas Cart


Sturdy with Smooth Sliding Mechanism

It is constructed with high-grade CNC aluminum and has stainless steel sliding hardware that makes a durable piece of equipment.
The soft-closing sliding mechanism prevents the gear inside the drawer from smashing & hitting together. It also ensures a sturdy & wobble-free external setup.
It is internally layered with a soft carpet that protects both the items placed in the drawer as well as the drawer itself from scratches.


Security You Can Trust

It features a 3-digit personalized combination lock that ensures your valuable gear is fully protected & makes you work with full freedom without worrying about the drawer’s stuff.

Drawer Mounting Capacity of Carts
Cart Model Drawer Mounting CapacityDrawer Positioning
VCTR-V1-32 1Top
VCTR-V1-36 2Top - 1 & Bottom - 1
VCTR-V1-42 3Top - 2 & Bottom - 1
VCTR-V1-48 4Top – 2 & Bottom - 2
VCTR-LT-32 1Top
VCTR-LT-36 2Top - 1 & Bottom - 1
VCTR-LT-42 3Top - 2 & Bottom - 1
VCTR-LT-48 4Top – 2 & Bottom - 2
ATLS-V2-38 2Top - 1 & Bottom - 1
ATLS-V2-48 4Top – 2 & Bottom - 2



  High-grade Aluminum with Stainless Steel Fasteners


  9.97kg / 22lb

Lock Type

  Number lock

Product Weight(Without Packing) 

  3.3kg / 7.27lb

Product  Volumetric Weight(With Packing)

  10.6kg / 23.36lb

In the Box

1 x Drawer
1 x Lock

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