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Proaim Quad Super Dolly Track Wheel Set


Proaim Quad Super Dolly Track Wheel Set is a set of (4pcs) Dolly wheels to convert Quad dolly into a Track Dolly. The PU constructed wheels have fully sealed bearings (high quality), work on curved and straight tracks, are silent, and are super smooth. These wheels are not only full 360° swivel, but also able to freely slide within the wheel housing in any direction by an extra 1". This means that the track can be as uneven as 2" in places and still not effect the smooth operation. These wheels drastically improve your shots.

Heavy Duty Track Wheel Set


S wap the wheels
to run the dolly on straight or curved track

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

- PU Constructed wheels
- Total Weight of Product  : 4.8kg/11lb

- 4 x Track wheels

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