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Proaim Horizon Suction Camera Mount for Car/Vehicle Rigging


Settle For Nothing Less

Powerful Suction Mount – Covers All Your Horizons


Heavy-Duty Construction
Get multi-dimensional shots with Proaim Horizon Suction Camera Mount.
It offers you flexibility at a fraction of cost: mount it anywhere, be it a roof, hood, trunk, or side of a moving vehicle.
Robust equipment securely holds 40kg / 88lb of load for static shots and 15 kg / 33 lb for running shots.
Its High-Grade construction and robust suction cups grip make it super reliable to provide excellent performance.

Proaim Horizon Suction Camera Mount for Car/Vehicle Rigging
Proaim Horizon Suction Camera Mount for Car/Vehicle Rigging


Quick, Easy & Hassle-Free
You can set up the system just in a couple of minutes.
The top of the Horizon Car Mount has a 3/8"-16 screw to mount your camera.
It also has a removable camera mounting stage to use an optional quick release for Ronin/Movi Pro Gimbal mounting. The Quick-Lock Mechanism gets the suction cups hooked to the surface with the flick of a finger.
And its telescopic legs with swift ratchet lock system offer quick & secure customization within seconds.


Maximum Security & Easy Portability
The Horizon Car Mount System comes with all necessary safety accessories.
It has Ratchet Ropes to create safety lines and provide an additional layer of safety to the entire system.
All suction cups come with dust covers to provide maximum surface adhesion.
And, we always recommend using ratchet rope while using the equipment for double safety.
It comes in a secure carry case for effortless traveling around to different sets and locations.

Proaim Horizon Suction Camera Mount for Car/Vehicle Rigging



  CNC Aluminium & Stainless Steel

Load Capacity at (Running Position)

  15kg / 33lb

Load Capacity at (Static Position) Horizontal

  40kg / 88lb

Suction Cup


Hub Camera screw



  For extra grip and security


Proaim Horizon Car Mount
2 x Ratchet Belts
3 x Dust Covers

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