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Proaim Gladiator Film-making Action Dolly | Camera Doorway

For Filmmakers & Cinematographers | Payload: 450kg / 1000lb

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US $1,226.00
US $1,226.00 - US $1,226.00
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Add Depth to Your Every Shot with Convenience!

Carry your Whole Set-up - Sit with your Crew - Take it Anywhere!

Proaim Gladiator Film-making Action Dolly | Camera Doorway

Highly Customizable

Turns into Doorway Dolly within Minutes. Completely Tool-less Design.

Proaim Gladiator Film-making Action Dolly | Camera Doorway


Sturdy Scaffolds to Mount Filmmaking setups like a bungee-cam attachment, a Steadycam Post or an Airwave Arm.

Proaim Gladiator Film-making Action Dolly | Camera Doorway

Comfort & Convenience

Comes with Seat + Back Rest for Operator. Easy Hand-grips. Offers Sturdy Platform for comfort.

See how the Gladiator Action Dolly Works



  High-grade CNC Aluminum and Steel

Load Capacity

  450kg / 1000lb

Scaffolds Poles Diameter



  Narrow Dimensions: 65cm
  Broad Dimensions: 80cm

Holes Diameter


Back Rod Diameter


Sideboard Dimensions

  14 x 58cm


  Pneumatic Wheels
  Distance between wheels : 25"


  Adjustable Height Maximum: 57cm to 71cm
  From Ground: 68cm to 82cm

  In the Box

  2x Pull-out wheel ball pin
  2x Wheel tension cable
  4x 16" Pneumatic Tires Brake system
  Swivel Locking Wheels
  3x Sideboards
  Seat Riser

  User Manual


Built for Professionals

Get your arsenal loaded in one place. Proaim brings you the Gladiator Action Dolly, the mighty of all Camera Dolly’s.
You don’t have to hustle around, just mount your complete Film-making setup over it and get ready for the direction.
Keeping your comfort and equipment security in mind, Action Dolly is made up of robust CNC Aluminum with a massive payload of 450kg / 1000lb.
It gives you the freedom of taking Hyperlapses Shots, Zooming & Tracking Shots, Circular Shots, Slider Shots & many more.

Proaim Gladiator Film-making Action Dolly | Camera Doorway
Proaim Gladiator Film-making Action Dolly | Camera Doorway


Precise & Versatile Design

The Rickshaw cum Doorway Dolly is highly customizable, which gives you the complete freedom to work as per your entire filming demand.
Thanks to its unique modular & completely tool-less design, it turns into a doorway dolly within minutes.
Gladiator Action Dolly comes with 3 Scaffold poles for mounting Camera setup, Seat & the backrest.
In Addition, the Side frame has 6 holes of 41mm at a feasible distance to mount your seat / setup as per your requirement.


Convenience for Operators

Designed to seize multiple diverse situations, this Rickshaw is highly-functional & versatile in its operations.
This comes with an adjustable Seat & Backrest for Cameraman & Grips Comfort.
It also has sideboards to offer camera operators & crew an additional carpeted work area.
It also has Hand-Grips for easy Maneuvering.
The provided knobs in the whole system are Quick & Secure to use.

Proaim Gladiator Film-making Action Dolly | Camera Doorway
Proaim Gladiator Film-making Action Dolly | Camera Doorway


High-Quality Pneumatic Wheels

The Pneumatic Tubeless Wheels offer you cinematic smooth moving shots by absorbing the shocks & jerks.
It has Steering Shift mechanism near the Hand Grips to change the rear wheels mode from rotating to straight direction.
And, Right above the back wheels, it has breaks that offer worry-less Set-up mounting, transport & halting in between the shots.
The front wheels are detachable & slide swiftly in the given bar space to use in narrow areas and store it in tight-space.


Support Multiple Setups

It has Heavy-Built 41mm scaffold tubes to combine with clamps to accessorize.
The provided Scaffolds support setups like Proaim Airwave with Gimbal, Hand-Held Stabilizer, and Hard-Mount Shootings.
The back of Action Dolly has 2 robust rods for clamping & mounting your Proaim Flowmax, Bungee-Cam attachment, or a Steadycam post.

Proaim Gladiator Film-making Action Dolly | Camera Doorway


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