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Proaim Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan/Tilt Head for Camera Jib/Crane | Payload: 15kg / 33lb

360˚ Pan Tilt Movements | Iris, Focus & Zoom Controls

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Reclaim Cinematic Perfection & Precision at Your Fingertips!


High-Precision Cinematic Shots

Experience high accuracy with Proaim Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan/Tilt Head, your go-to solution for achieving those beautiful cinematic-style shots with smooth & precise motion.
It is a feature-packed powerful head that lets you remotely adjust your camera’s focus, zoom, pan, iris, and tilt, offering smooth camerawork at all times.
This highly efficient 2-axis Motorized Head is built tough with High-grade CNC Aluminum construction, so it can handle even the heaviest camera rigs up to 15kg / 33lb.

Proaim Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan/Tilt Head for Camera Jib/Crane | Iris, Focus & Zoom Controls
Proaim Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan/Tilt Head for Camera Jib/Crane | Iris, Focus & Zoom Controls


Full-Feature Control Kit for Seamless Operation

Included in the kit are a pan/tilt remote head, camera plate, power cable set, 42ft long cable run, controller box, two joystick handles, and a 12VDC power adapter.
The robustly designed remote head mounts upright onto a jib/crane without the need for any tools, using a Jib knob.
The camera plate, which boasts a ¼” camera screw and a "T" design, ensures that cameras of various sizes and setups are balanced securely.
An integrated knob within the head offers effortless tool-less camera balancing- By simply rotating the knob, you can smoothly slide the plate up and down for quick adjustments.
Furthermore, two joystick controller handles with a clamping range of 25mm offer effortless control of zoom and focus rings, connected to gear motors via a 13m thick extension cable (Tyco connectors).


Lens Compatibility

Our boxer head comes equipped with a convenient built-in lens control for Fuji/Canon ENG lenses. It is specially designed with an 8-pin zoom cable connector that is compatible with Canon and Fujinon ENG lenses, featuring the same 8-pin connector.
Additionally, there is a screw mounting option to mount the Iris/focus motor assembly on the lens using a bracket.

Proaim Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan/Tilt Head for Camera Jib/Crane | Iris, Focus & Zoom Controls
Proaim Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan/Tilt Head for Camera Jib/Crane | Iris, Focus & Zoom Controls


Efficient Power Options

The high-performance head can be powered by either a 14.8 VDC battery pack or an included 110-240VAC adapter, ensuring optimal functionality.


High-Torque DC Motors

This smart and adaptive system uses two coreless high-torque DC motors that provide inaudible and precise movements with zero backlashes and performance similar to top industry solutions at an affordable cost.

Proaim Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan/Tilt Head for Camera Jib/Crane | Iris, Focus & Zoom Controls


Seamless Pan-Tilt Motion

The Boxer head offers 360°+/- motion, allowing it to rotate fully from one side to the other, ensuring smooth and continuous pan-tilt movement across both horizontal and vertical axes. This versatility enables capturing multi-dimensional shots from all angles. Our variable-speed pan and tilt motors can rotate a full 360 degrees in just 20 seconds at the slowest speed and in a speedy 5 seconds at the fastest speed.
It is controlled by a variable speed touch-sensitive joystick remote and controller box that allows you to control pan/tilt speed, direction, power, and individual axes.


Speed, Damping, Iris & Direction Control

The main control box of our pan-tilt features a 2-V-mount battery plate, which facilitates the convenient mounting of V-mount batteries, offering a significantly larger capacity, thereby enabling prolonged uninterrupted operation.
Speed Control :- It features two independent speed controller switches that let you control and precisely adjust the speed, suiting the requirement of the shot.
Damping Control :- And two independent Damping control switches prevent the Head from stopping abruptly with a jerk, giving you smooth endings.
Pan-Tilt Direction :- There are also two independent switches, so you can easily change and reverse the direction of panning & tilting as and when required.
Iris :- With the Iris control switch, you can adjust the camera's aperture to accommodate prevailing day/night light conditions, improving visual clarity.
Moreover, the controller box is equipped with an up/down flip knob, which must be switched when using Fuji or Canon lenses.

Proaim Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan/Tilt Head for Camera Jib/Crane | Iris, Focus & Zoom Controls
Proaim Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan/Tilt Head for Camera Jib/Crane | Iris, Focus & Zoom Controls


Zoom Control

The Joystick Zoom Controller enables the operator to increase the magnification, empowering them to take well-framed shots with ease and reliability.
1. Zoom On/Off: The switch works as a zoom speed controller; when switched OFF, the zoom speed is at its maximum, and when switched ON, the zoom speed can be controlled via the 'zoom rate' knob.
2. Zoom Rate: When the 'zoom on/off' button is on, the knob allows you to control the zoom speed per your requirement.
3. Zoom Direction: The button reverses the current zoom direction from zooming in to zooming out or vice-versa.
4. See-Saw Button: The rocker pot facilitates forward and reverse zoom direction.


Focus Control /Follow Focus System

The Joystick focus controller lets the operator make precise adjustments to achieve the ideal sharpness and clarity in every shot.
1. Focus Rate: It is a ramping control that controls the elapsed time to perform the focus.
2. Focus Travel: Sets the distance the focus servo will rotate and prevents the servo from hitting the lens stops.
3. Focus Direction: The button reverses the focus direction from left to right or vice versa.
4. Focus Control Knob: Rotates the servo motor as per your requirement.
5. Focus On/Off Switch: Turning ON this switch will allow you to control the focus movement via the given control points, whereas turning OFF this switch will completely turn off the focus functions.

Proaim Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan/Tilt Head for Camera Jib/Crane | Iris, Focus & Zoom Controls


Easy to Carry

The pan-tilt head unit comes securely packed in a high-quality bag, ensuring secure storage and transportation via any medium.


Pan Tilt Head


  High-Grade CNC Aluminum

Load Capacity

  up to 15kg /33lb


  Camera: ¼”-20 Screw & 3/8”‐16
  Jib: Jib mounting knob
  Lens Mounting: 8-pin zoom cable connecter (Compatible with Fuji/Canon ENG lenses)

Pan Movement


Tilt Movement


Minimum Speed

  Pan/ Tilt: 360° in 1 minute 45 seconds (in balanced condition)

Maximum Speed

  Pan /Tilt: 360° in 5 seconds (in balanced condition)


  2 x High Torque Maxon Motors (Coreless DC Motors for 360° Pan‐Tilt)


  2x Brass Small Gears (Diameter - 20mm)
  2x Aluminum Big Gear (Diameter - 103mm)

Minimum Height of Head

  18.5 Inches

Maximum Height of Head

  24.4 Inches

Power input

  Option 1: AC 110‐240V
  Option 2 : Dual V‐mount battery plate (battery not included), Standard 14.8V V mount   battery

Main Cable Length

  13 Meters

Weight of Pan Tilt Head


Weight of Joystick & Zoom controller remote

  730g & 670g

Weight of Controller Box



Proaim Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan/Tilt Head for Camera Jib/Crane | Iris, Focus & Zoom Controls

Product Weight (Without Packing)

  19.7kg / 43.4lb

Product Volumetric Weight (with packing)

  34.95kg / 77.05lb

Joystick Controllers

Joystick Controller


Clamping Range


Tyco Connectors

  Male & Female Both

Tilt Control


Pan Control


Zoom Control


Iris motor control


Focus motor Control


In the Box

Proaim Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan Tilt Head
Controller with Battery Box
Joystick box
Focus & zoom Controller
Iris Motor
Focus Motor
Pan And Tilt Motor
Head Connector
Universal Adapter
1x Extra Knobs
3 x Knobs
Ac Power Cable 5mm
12ft Long Cable
43ft 25cm Long Cable
Rod for motor holding
4 x Wings Nuts
MS Check nut
3x Allen Key
Bag Packing


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  • Can the boxer pan tilt head use with the 32ft base ib ?

    Yes, the Proaim Boxer Pan Tilt head (P-BXR-HD-2X) is compatible with the 32ft base jib (P-W5P-Base).