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Absolute Solution for Overhead Light & Accessories Mounting!

Excellent addition to Your Lighting Setup

Proaim Boom Light Telescopic Stand w 5/8

Rock- Solid Construction

Sturdy and Solid Enough to Safely Hold your Gear; Truly a Hero of Lighting Accessories.

Proaim Boom Light Telescopic Stand w 5/8

Smooth Height Adjustments

Entirely Tool-less & Telescopic Design makes it Super-easy to Operate

Proaim Boom Light Telescopic Stand w 5/8

Incredibly Versatile

Its Adjustable Design helps you take the Perfect Lighting Angle in the Studio and On-Site.

See how the Boom Light Telescopic Stand Works



  High-Grade Mild steel & Aluminum

Payload Capacity

  9kg / 20lb, with Boom Arm at Maximum Extension

Stand height

  Maximum: 8ft / 243.8cm
  Minimum: 5.5ft / 167.6cm
  Collapsed: 5.5ft / 167.6cm

Boom Arm Length

  Maximum: 8ft / 243.3cm
  Minimum: 3.4ft / 103.6cm

Height from Ground



  5/8” baby pin (on both Central post & Boom arm)

Levelling Legs


Maximum Arc


Weight (Without Packing)

  17kg / 37lb

Weight (With Packing)

  21.8kg / 48.06lb

  In the Box

  Proaim Boom Light Telescopic Stand w 5/8" Mount

  User Manual

High-Quality Design

Take your shot to the next level with the Proaim 5/8" Boom Light Stand, an ideal way of landing light into difficult-to-reach locations.

The beauty of this unit is that it operates in different shooting spaces, non-level terrain, stairs, or curbs without the need for Apple Boxes. Just make sure to secure it with sandbags.

It is precisely engineered equipment with High-Quality Mild-Steel & CNC Aluminum to offer you excellent stability.

Proaim Boom Light Telescopic Stand w 5/8
Proaim Boom Light Telescopic Stand w 5/8

Perfectly-Balanced Boom Arm

The arm has unbeatable strength & length adjustability with the maximum payload of 9kg / 20lb at full extension.
Boom arm features 3 sections that telescope from 8ft to 3.4 ft, which are secured & tightened by locking knobs.
It offers a 105° maximum arc to your boom arm.
And an adjustment of 3ft below the neutral horizontal position secured by a supporting bar.
The top of the Boom arm is equipped with a 5/8" baby pin to facilitate overhead lighting, microphone positioning, reflectors, softboxes, etc.

Easy To Use

The sturdy stand has 2 legs in the front & a central column post, and all of them are equipped with quick leveling knobs to stand at uneven stairs, hills, and curbs.
A baby pin at the top of the central post allows you to mount various accessories for studio and location shoots.
It’s completely tool-less design offers speedy set-up time and collapses quickly for perfect storing and traveling.

Proaim Boom Light Telescopic Stand w 5/8


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  • Can you add wheels to the stand for more control options ?

    This Proaim Boom Light Telescopic Stand is designed for static position so wheels can not be added to this stand.  

  • This thing is awesome with the exception of not being able to rotate easily once you have your light on. Can you add wheels to the stand for more control options?

    It is designed for static position so adjustment & rotation is not possible once the light attached to it. Besides there is no options to add on wheels to stand.