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Compact Evf Mount For Quick & Hassle-Free Adjustments


Now securely mount & adjust your EVF onto your camera with Proaim Ace EVF Mount, which helps balance the viewfinder to deliver precise framing and steady shots.
It keeps your EVF secure & saves you loads of shooting time by eliminating the hassle of fiddling around with multiple screws and knobs.
This lightweight & functional kit comes equipped with an EVF Mount, a set of 15mm Titanium Drumstix, an extension arm, and a crossbar.
You can use the mount with a variety of EVFs using the respective adapters; it works perfectly with optional Proaim Ace EVF adapters.

Proaim Ace EVF Mount for Camera & Rigs


The extension arm offers drop-free and smooth 360° tilt movement, saving your EVF from flopping down, even when completely loosened.
Also, the box-style crossbar securely holds the assembly in place &, and the index markings let you position the EVF optimally in the first go itself.
Furthermore, the carriage mount allows you to mount the entire assembly onto a standard 15mm LWS rod system to render sturdy support to your setup.


The mount features a 3-axis adjusting & tightening with a single-knurled thumbscrew that locks the sliding and rotation motion on the EVF mount.
And to adjust the tilt of the EVF or monitor, there's a single red thumbscrew on top to fine-tune the position.
The mounting arm features a quick-release mechanism to mount and unmount your EVF.

Proaim Ace EVF Mount for Camera & Rigs



  Mount: High-Grade CNC-Machined, Hard-Anodized Aluminum
  Rods: Titanium

Rod Standard

  15 mm LWS

Rod Length

  3 inch / 7.6 cm


Proaim Ace EVF Mount for Camera & Rigs

Product Weight (Without Packing)

  0.3kg / 0.6lb

Product Volumetric Weight (With Packing)

  0.44kg / 0.97lb


Proaim Ace EVF Mount

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