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Proaim 2-Axis Equalizer for Flycam Flowline & Camera Gimbals

For DJI Ronin/M/MX/R2 & Freefly MōVI M5/M10/M15

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US $250.00
US $250.00 - US $250.00
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Advanced Video Stabilization for High Quality Productions!

Designed to use with Flycam Flowline connected to a DJI Ronin/Freefly MōVI Gimbal

Turns Your Motorized Gimbal into a Body-Worn Stabilizer for Longer Durations of Stable Handheld Video Shooting

Provides Ultra-Smooth Workflow with Total Freedom!

Proaim Equalizer 2-Axis Anti-Vibration Mount is the perfect companion for operators using a Flycam Flowline or Easyrig with motorized gimbal stabilizers including the DJI Ronin® and Freefly MōVI®. It is made to eliminate the motion coming from the Flowline cord while walking or running. It stabilizes around two axis, roll and tilt; at the same time operator’s motion isn't transmitted to the camera gimbal and you can tilt the gimbal effortlessly at the centre of gravity, along its curved shape. Made from commercial-grade aluminum and 16 Metalon wheels with 32 stainless steel sealed bearings on all critical pivot points, the 2-Axis Equalizer ensures a frictionless and smooth operation, removing all the disturbing motion. The engraved index marks on the Equalizer helps in balancing and makes it easy for the operator to find & repeat the positions.

2 Axis Anti vibration Mount


Video is for demonstration only
Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements

Top Handle Grip for DJI Ronin Gimbals

The top handle grip (30mm dia) allows mounting Proaim 2-Axis Equalizer on your gimbal’s top handle. It works well with DJI Ronin/M/MX and DJI RONIN 2 (R2). The grip clamps on to 22mm, 25mm bush (with included bush).

camera stabilizer system

Handle Bar Grip for Freefly MōVI Gimbals

The handle bar grip (30mm dia) works well for gimbals like Freefly MoVI M5/M10 & M15 with the included risers. The grip allows mounting Proaim 2-Axis Equalizer on your gimbal’s handle bar. The grip clamps on to 22mm, 25mm bush (with included bush).

2 axis gimbal



Camera stabilizer

The supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

- Construction: Commercial-grade Aluminium
- Metalon Wheels: 16
- Stainless Steel Bearings: 32
- Height: 13.5cm
- Width: 35cm
- Depth: 22.5cm
- Top Handle Grip (30mm dia) (For DJI Ronin): Bush Sizes - 22mm, 25mm
- Handle Bar Grip (30mm dia) (For Freefly MōVI): Bush Sizes - 22mm, 25mm
- Load Capacity: Depends on weight capacity of Motorized Gimbal & Flowline being used
- Product Weight (without packing): 1.190kg/2.61lb

- Proaim Equalizer 2-Axis Anti-Vibration Mount


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