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Now you can run forward and shoot backward easily!

Flycam presents its all new innovative accessory specifically designed for Gimbals and for the video makers who own our expertly-designed Flexi Rig Shoulder Mount Stabilization System. The CNC aluminum constructed accessory ‘Swivel’ is an extra tube that’s connected to your gimbal handlebars through a set of bearings and allows you to pan the camera freely with no obstructions. Perfect for lower angle, low height shots. It works with 30mm handlebar tubes for DJI Ronin and 25mm tubes with our shim for DJI Ronin-M. This can help you achieve tracking and leading shots much easier.

360 degree movement for ronin gimabal


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Solid Support System for Stress-free Shooting

The secondary handlebar connects to the Flexi Rig straps; then this handlebar mounts to your regular gimbal handlebar. The high-quality bearings allow 360° pan rotation of your gimbal when mounted to the Flexi Rig.
Most importantly, the monitor stays in one place facing you even while the gimbal is at the side or backward position. Thus, making running safer as you are still looking where you are going.

ronin Mx swivel Adaptor

The transitions from following to tracking to leading with grace!


The supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

- Construction: CNC made Aluminum
- Shim dia : 25mm
- Without Shim: 30mm
- Product weight (Without Packing) : 700g/1.54lb

- Swivel for flexi rig
- Ronin Adapter Plate (DJI-QR)



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