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Increase the lifting power of your airwave arm!


Heavy setup possibilities

Accommodate heavier camera setup while on the run with Proaim’s Airwave Heavy-duty Spring Set, which facilitates lightweight to massive setup conversion in no time.
Compatible with Airwave Vibration Isolator Arm, this sturdy set of two springs ensures stability for heavy camera loads.
Furthermore, it reliably renders a payload of up to 15-30kg/33-66lb, thus facilitating hassle-free heavy-load shooting requirements.

Proaim Heavy-Duty Spring Set (15-30kg/33-66lb) for Airwave Camera Support Arm



  Stainless Spring Steel


  Proaim Airwave Vibration Isolator Arm

Payload Capacity

  15-30kg / 33-66lb


Proaim Heavy-Duty Spring Set (15-30kg/33-66lb) for Airwave Camera Support Arm

Product Weight (Without Packing)

  1 kg / 2.2 lb

Product Gross Weight (With Packing)

  1.12 kg / 2.46 lb

In the Box

Proaim Heavy Duty Spring Set


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  • can I used in the vista vest II for more payload?

    Airwave Heavy Duty Springs are not compatible with Vista-II Arm

  • what the thread size and thread pitch is on the heavy duty springs ?

    The thread size of the Proaim Heavy-Duty Spring Set is M8 and the thread pitch is 1.25. 

  • Is Proaim Airwave Spring Set compatible with both Proaim Airwave Vibration Isolator Arm (VI-252-00) and with Proaim Airwave V530 Shock-Absorbing Arm ?

    Yes, Proaim Airwave Spring Set is compatible with both Proaim Airwave arm.

  • To confirm, these work with the V530 to double the payload rating?

    Yes, Proaim Airwave (15-30kg / 33-66lb) Heavy Duty Spring Set will work with Proaim Airwave V530 Isolator Arm to achieve payload 15-30 kg.