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Proaim Powermatic Scissor Telescopic Crane Package

For 3-Axis Camera Gimbals - DJI Ronin, Movi etc.


Next Step in the Evolution of Camera Jib!

Quickly Moves In/Out of a Shot. Manoeuvres into Inaccessible Areas – Smoothly & Silently.

Automotive Telescopic Design. Precise & Controlled Movements - Nearly Effortless Operation!

Specially Designed Heavy Duty Tripod & Dolly for Extra Stability of Telescopic Movements.

Proaim Powermatic Scissor Camera Crane system permits technically challenging, innovative and creative shots that were previously considered too expensive! Proaim offers a retractable jib that puts the camera right where you need it – at any challenging location where no other crane can be used! Powermatic Scissor is the highest quality, most versatile and user-friendly jib. For the first time, a single camera jib operator can easily control all aspects of camera movement, including the telescoping of the jib arm. Its feather-light, accurate and controlled movement makes for nearly effortless operation.

Proaim Powermatic Scissor Jib features an extendable flexible scissor arm, the flexible motion allows the arm to extend up to 17ft/5.2m and then retract back in. It can be easily delivered, assembled and operated in remote and hard-to-reach locations such as roof, balcony, room, small stage, tight decoration, etc. You can smoothly change length of boom during shoot with the joystick controlled by a powerful motor. Designed to work with 3-Axis Camera Gimbals and the maximum payload is 15kg/33lb. You can lock it at any position between minimum and maximum lengths of the jib. Proaim Powermatic Scissor Jib package comes with/without Proaim Gravity Tripod Stand & Proaim Anchor Camera Dolly. It works superbly when mounted on camera dollies giving the ability to get a wide range of shots and set-ups.

Crane Package


Exclusive of Weights

NOTE: The colour of the Dolly Wheels may vary according to availability.

Video is for demonstration only
Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements

High Quality Construction

The double frame is made of high-strength commercial-grade aluminum which is robust yet lightweight. Exceedingly Reliable jib provides smooth workflow for high quality productions.

Everlasting 70 Steel Bearings

The high-speed special bearings provide smooth soundless movement every time you extend or retract. The Stainless Steel construction ensures lifelong durability.

Ronin Mountin Jib

High Performance Motor & Control Driver

The 12V DC motor with 60W power and nominal current of 10A DC has enough torque to drive the jib smoothly. This enables the drive system to be almost completely silent. It is designed to give the highest level of performance achieved by using the utmost quality materials.

Scissor jib with Ronin Mounting

Steady Fluid Head
The Fluid head ensures perfect alignment of your 3-Axis Gimbal on Scissor Crane.

Heavy duty Tripod stand with heavy duty dolly jib

Tilt Locking
You can fix the jib’s tilt angle to get linear tracking shots.

Camera crane Package

Pan Locking
It enables locking the jib’s pan movement for achieving high/low angle shots.

Camera crane Package with Ronin , dji gimbal mount

LCD Mounting Arm
The mounting arm helps in attaching LCD monitor for better viewing of shots; the arm can be mounted left/right as per your requirement.

Lcd mounting jib

Precise Controller
With the controller, you can very conveniently push-out / pull-in the jib lengthand control the movements.

V-Mount Battery Plate
The system is integrated with V-Mount Battery Plate which adapts 14.8V V-Mount battery (not included) to power the drive system.

Camera Mounting Heavy duty jib

Heavy-duty Gravity Stand & Anchor Dolly
The Professional Gravity Tripod Stand mounts quickly & safely into the Anchor Dolly. Constructed from commercial-grade aluminum, the dolly & stand have an ample spread that pushes the centre of gravity lower towards the ground providing a secure foundation for stable shots. The dolly gives you the flexibility to move the crane as & when required. Being telescopic, the stand’s height can be adjusted according to shooting requirements. The Stand also features micro adjustment on legs, for easy balancing. Proaim Dolly & Stand are robust yet lightweight and folds down into a compact size for easy transportation.

All other Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.


- Construction: High-grade Aluminum
- Total No. of High-Speed Steel Bearings: 70
- Total Length Extended: 17ft / 5.2m
- Total Length Closed: 3.3ft
- Extended Height from Ground: 17.4ft / 5.3m
- Closed Height from Ground: 6.3ft
- Load Capacity: 15kg / 33lb
- Crane Pan Lock: Yes
- Crane Tilt Lock: Yes
- Self-balance Weight (Extended/Collapsed): 15kg / 33lb
- Power Source: V-Mount Battery (Not Included)
- Battery Runtime: 1 ½ - 2 hours
- Weight of Scissor Jib: 33kg/73lb


- IP44 Protection Certified
- Rated Voltage: 12V -15V DC
- Rated Power: 60W
- Nominal Current: 10A DC
- Maximum Thrust Force: 1000N
- Maximum Pulling Force: 1000N
- Travelling Speed: 36mm/sec
- Noise: <55dB
- Vibration: Not Noticeable


- Weight Capacity: On Minimum Height 250kg/550lb
- Weight Capacity: On maximum height 180kg/396lb
- Maximum Height: 120cm
- Minimum Height: 82cm
- Pipe dia: 42mm
- Micro Adjustment: Yes
- Folded Dimensions: 94cm
- Weight of Stand: 12kg/26lb

ANCHOR DOLLY (DL-ANCR-02) (Revised on 16-March-2020)

- Folded Length: 23.5"
- Wheel Diameter: 6"
- Load Capacity: 500kg/1100lb
- Wheel Lock: Yes
- Product Weight: 12kg/26.45lb


- Product Weight with Flight Case:71kg/157lb
- Flight Case Dimensions (L x W x H): 85cm x 40cm x 80cm

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