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Proaim Flyking Precision Camera Slider (100mm Bowl) + Flight Case


Camera Operator & Grip Friendly - Totally Field Ready!

Extremely Smooth, Versatile, Low & Wide Slider with 360° Rotation

Camera Operators Rave about its Smooth, Precise Movement and Ease of Control.

Highly used for Independent Movies, TV Productions & Music Videos!

Video is for demonstration only
Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements

Extremely Smooth & Precise Shots in one go – solves the daily challenges of Camera operators and helps them earn reputation.

Flyking Slider is Versatile, Quick to Set-up, Well-built, virtually Maintenance Free and totally Field Ready.

Perfectly Silent Wonderful Slides, which make the sound man happy.

One Slider for All Cameras, no matter how big or small the camera is – Your Safe, Future-Proof Investment!

Accommodates Mathew, Sachtler or any base heads (75 / 100mm), quickly and simply without any fuss or muss.

It gives Opportunity to Effortlessly Pan 360°, Slide Laterally, and Take Push/Pull Moves at Your Will.

Set it up on tripod or lay it on ground with its adjustable feet - this gives you numerous options for height and distance of your shots.

Allow more precise and slow camera movements for moving macro shots/extreme close-ups. Especially telephoto close up shots of objects or scenes that need to be captured very slowly with steady movement.

Smooth, controlled, purposeful camera moves that add drama and tension and emotion to the scene.

Added Stability for challenging lock-off positions, it’s a perfect solution for complicated shots.

Proaim Flyking Slider is incredibly solid, gives quiet camera movements at an affordable price.

The 4-Foot Slider is our most popular model, as it offers the greatest flexibility. It’s small enough to get into tight spaces, yet long enough that it won’t limit your range of motion. The dynamic camera movements create more visual depth, deeper emotional feelings & more visual variety. It is built with craftsmanship & attention to detail for a long production life and strong economic return on investment. The well-engineered camera platform slides on Metalon covered 8 precision ball bearings for soundless operation. The minimal design for Low Profile Dramatic shots makes it lightweight, hence portable. The sturdy feet can be adjusted in height as well as on any uneven surface to give you the perfect footage. The quality crafted robust construction takes a massive 70kg / 154.3lb with ease. Proaim Flyking handles Arri Alexa, Sony F-55/5, Red One/Epic, C300 Canon cameras and any type of fluid head 100mm/75mm.


Rock Solid bowl head works perfectly with 75/100mm fluid heads. The Bowl platform supports All Cameras, no matter how big or small the camera is, such as ARRI RED or DSLR Cameras.


The rails of the slider are made from one-piece aluminum for more strength. The camera platform slides on Metalon covered 8 precise ball bearings that ensure smooth & soundless operation.


The Carriage Break locks the sliding plate on to the slider and on releasing it, the slider practices super light and smooth shots for flawless moves.


The shock absorbent feature prevents hard stops at the track ends.The sprigged rubber under the sliding plate prevents the sudden halts that result in super smooth, jerk free sliding shots.


Light Weight Proaim Flyking Precision Camera Slider allows the 360° Pan rotation for desired angled moves and travel adjustment. The provided collar break allows the slider to get locked in any position.


Features a steel rule indicated on the operator side of the track with both imperial and metric divisions for precise, repeatable moves. The witness mark is present between the push bars on the carriage for easy positioning.


The spirit level makes the balancing process fast and easy, that saves production time.


The height adjustable feet with adjustable rubber suckers, make this unique slider perfectly suitable for capturing shots on uneven ground or different surfaces.


The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

 Specs.  2ft  3ft  4ft
 Construction  High Grade Aluminum, CNC made  High Grade Aluminum, CNC made  High Grade Aluminum, CNC made
 Load Capacity  70kg / 154lb  70kg/ 154lb  70kg/ 154lb
 Length  2ft  3ft  4ft
 Travel Distance  1ft 3inch  2ft 3inch  3ft 3inch
 Tripod Mount Type  100mm Bowl Base. Also will mount on tripods having 1/4"-20 & 3/8”-16 screw  100mm Bowl Base. Also will mount on tripods having 1/4"-20 & 3/8”-16 screw  100mm Bowl Base. Also will mount on tripods having 1/4"-20 & 3/8”-16 screw
 Camera Mount Type  100mm Bowl Mount (75mm Conversion Ring)  100mm Bowl Mount (75mm Conversion Ring)  100mm Bowl Mount (75mm Conversion Ring)
 360 Degree Pan Lock  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Sliding Lock  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Leveller  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Ball bearing  Steel, metalon bush  Steel, metalon bush  Steel, metalon bush
 Minimum Height from Ground to Platform  21cm  21cm  21cm
 Maximum Height from Ground to Platform  36.5cm  36.5cm  36.5cm
 Track Rail Center distance  12 cm  12 cm  12 cm
 Flight Case Dimension (L*W*H)  79*33*35  103*36*33  134*33*36
 Volume Weight  18.2kg / 40lb  24.5kg / 54lb  32kg / 70.5lb
 Gross Weight  23kg / 50.70lb  28kg / 61.70b  33kg / 72.75lb