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Camtree Gripper Campod Suction Car Mount

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Get into the action by attaching your camera to unlikely places!

There were times when it was quite difficult for the director to capture the shot at unlikely places such as in tight interiors of a car or an elevator, exterior of moving vehicle or even the outside of an airplane. To capture such shots, the director was confined to a studio interior. Capturing these shots has become easy with G-51 gripper. It lets you add tremendous impact to your shots, increasing the production value while giving you an incomparable freedom to shoot with safety, style and precision.



Features That Let You Capture Unconventional Shots

Industrial Grade Suction Cups

The high-quality suction cups get easily affixed to any smooth surface with a sure lock lever system. It provides you with a fully secured & stable grip letting you capture shots at complicated places while keeping your camera set up completely safe.

suction cup mount

Ball Tilt Head

The legs get attached to the ball tilt head which gives you the flexibility to mount the setup at any angle.

Ball tilt head

Camera Mount Hub

Aluminum constructed camera head safely accommodates any camera set up to 4 kg/9lbs.

camera mount hub

Extension Rods

Comes in two sizes (3 & 6 inches) with ¼” male and female connectors for a perfect fit and stable base.

extension rods

Free Dust Cover

To provide maximum surface adhesion, dust covers are given to eliminate any exposure to dust.

free dust cover

Ratchet Wires & Hooks

Ratchet wires & hooks provide the set up with the second layer of security to make your camera set up 100% secure.

ratchet wire & hooks


The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.


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  1. Supper Awesome
    review by witney

    This is probably one of the best suction cup mounts. It sticks great. I mounted a heavy DSLR camera all over my car and never had any issues. It works much better than a single suction cup mount I was using prior to this one. For shakiness, it just depends what area of your hood you mount it on. You have to check and gently push down on your hood to make sure you are mounting it on a solid spot where it is not soft and dents down easy Other than that it is well worth it. I would defiantly recommend this product for hobbyist & videographer.

  2. Very Pleased
    review by Ben

    Nice, heavy duty suction mount! It attaches to both the windows and sides/roof of the vehicle, so it's very versatile. The three legs of the mount bend in many different directions to suit your needs. They lock very securely, so there's no risk of them coming loose. The mount is also equipped with shock absorbers to keep the camera from jostling around. I was very pleased with how smooth my film looked after using this mount. No noticeable bouncing at all.

  3. Fantastic tools box
    review by Yann

    Strong, powerfull, this kit is fantastic. You can use it inside and outside a car or a motorbicycle or you can use it as a shoulder arm for your DSLR...
    Fantastic tools box, of cheaper !

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- High-Grade Quality Construction
- CNC Constructed Camera Mount Hub
- 3pcs of Strongly Gripped Suction Cups
- Hub Camera screw- 1/4”-20, 3/8’’-16
- Camera weighing capacity 4kg / 8.8lb
- Rope for extra grip and security

- 3 x Gripper Suction Cups + Complimentary Dust Covers
- Camera Mount Hub
- 6 x 6” Extension Rods
- 3 x 3’’ Extension Rods
- 6 x Ball Tilt Heads
- 2 x Safety Wires
- 3 x Shanks for Gripper Cups
- 2 x Round Hooks
- 2 x C-hooks


I'm very satisfied with the build -quality, materials and versatility of the Suction, incredible steady, speedy delivery. I highly recommend.
By Mr. Robert, Sri Lanka

Awesome! Wow! Suction is stout and secure & mount is easy to position, it meets all my expectations, nice addition to my camera equipment!
By Mr. Damian, United States

I am very pleased with this product- Most affordable & surprisingly secure mount & would recommend it to everyone!
By Mr. Riley, Nepal

Truly excellent product! Super adjustable, works perfect in the car scenic drives, great footage, arrived on time and packaged very well. Thanks CAMTREE!
By Mr. Caden, Spain

Really cool! very highquality of the build, sleek design, ease of one hand operation, immovability, excellent finish, fast shipping. Cheers!!!
By Mr. Killian, Germany