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Proaim SnapRig Mini Top Handle

Proaim SnapRig Mini Top Handle


Maximum Comfort
Make your handheld shooting a lot easier and more comfortable with Proaim SnapRig Mini Top Handle that offers you firm & comfy grip for holding your camera rig.
The compact handle quickly mounts onto your camera, cage, or rig using a NATO clamp, ensuring hassle-free attachment.
Also, it offers multiple universal connections for mounting additional accessories.

Proaim SnapRig Mini Top Handle
Proaim SnapRig Mini Top Handle


Mounting Points
Built-in Shoe mounts with the anti-off button on the top are perfect for attaching on-cameras lights, microphones, etc.
And the ARRI-style anti-twist accessory mount on the front makes accessory mounting super convenient for you


High-Quality Design
Designed with utmost attention to detail; it has a sophisticated & High-Grade CNC aluminum body to ensure perfect support for your camera setup.
This top-notch handle is easy to use and requires no additional tools to mount, therefore, delivering you a premium user experience.

Proaim SnapRig Mini Top Handle



  High‐ Grade CNC Aluminium


  Attaches via NATO Rail Clamp

Shoe Mounting 

  1 x Shoe Mount

Accessory Mounting

  1 x ARRI‐Style Accessory Mount


Product Weight (without Packing)

  0.10kg / 0.22lb

Product Weight (with Packing)

  0.44kg / 0.97lb


  Small & Midsize Cameras Cage with NATO Rail on top


Proaim Snaprig Mini Top Handle MTH-01 for Lightweight Cameras (NATO Clamp)

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