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Proaim SnapRig Camera Cage with Wooden Side Handle for Sony A7C. CG262

Multi-Mount Design

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Utmost Support & Protection
Unleash the optimum rigging options with Proaim Form-Fitted Cage, exclusively designed for your Canon C70 camera.
The cage prompts absolute protection and gives you full access to all the cameras' ports, functions, buttons & doors.
Its impressive build renders ultimate support and protection, thus prolonging the life of your Camera.
Furthermore, there are multiple universal connections, and thereby it carries a high affinity for mounting and securing various accessories simultaneously.


Mounting Flexibility
The Cage features built-in 1/4" -20 threads, 3/8"-16 ARRI-Style Anti-Twist, and a cold shoe mount for mounting top handles, monitor brackets, microphone, lights, articulating arms, etc.
It comes with an Anti-Twist Side-Locking System and a strap slot, thus letting you secure your camera from slipping off.
There is also a soft wooden handgrip that accounts for a comfortable handheld experience.
Plus, the bottom of the cage has multiple 1/4 "-20 mounting threads and an integrated Arca-type base, which enables mounting on an Arca-type tripod head, baseplate, or gimbal such as the DJI RS 2 & RSC 2.


Brilliant Built & Design
A meticulously designed, high-grade CNC aluminum body ensures the long-lasting durability & stability of the camera.
Besides this, the ARCA-compatible bottom plate with an anti-slip cushion to add needed security allows quick-release mounting for your camera.
Security assured a small screwdriver is included to tighten the camera screws.



  High‐grade CNC Aluminum


  Sony a7C camera

Camera Mounting

  1/4"‐20 Screw

Accessory Mounting

  Multiple 1/4"‐20, 3/8"‐16 Thread, Anti‐Twist 3/8"‐ 16 Thread

Tripod Mounting

  1/4"‐20 Thread, 3/8"‐16 Thread, Built‐In Arca‐Type Plate

Shoe Mounting

  1 x Cold Shoe


Proaim SnapRig Camera Cage with Wooden Side Handle for Sony A7C. CG262

Product Weight(Without Packing)

  0.185kg / 0.407lb

Product Volumetric Weight (With Packing)

  0.45kg / 0.99lb


Proaim SnapRig Camera Cage with Wooden Side Handle for Sony A7C

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