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Proaim Safety cable for Sky-Walker Cablecam

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SKU : CR-200

Captivating Slow Motion is Possible!

To Create Beautiful Slow Motion Camera Movement Shots, we have the provision to attach an extra cable which is most favourable when driving your Cablecam at slow speed. It works in coordination with a small wheel/pulley on top and therefore, provides an added balance and dual safety to the whole Cablecam system.


The Dyneema rope/cable is 9mm thick, 200mtr long and has high upholding strength. Pick two points between 15 and 100 metre apart, attach dyneema rope, hang the Sky-walker and Ronin gimbal head, and you're ready to roll. Large trees, very strong scaffolding, light poles or other firmly fixed objects can be used to anchor the rope; provided the objects can withstand pulling tension at the rope connection point. A manual ‘come-along’ winch is used at one end to tension the rope.

24v flysky motor cablecam

Dyneema Cable (CR-200)
- Dia: 9mm
- Length of cable: 200mtr
- Breaking Strength: 5306.1kg / 11698lb
Steel Cable (SR-200)
-Dia: 4mm
-Length of cable: 3mtr
-Breaking Strength: 900kg / 1984.16lb

200mtr Length of Dyneema Cable Cam Rope (CR-200)

cablecam skywalker

200mtr Length of Steel Safety Cable (SR-200)

cablecam skywalker


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