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Offering you our best-selling 33ft Telescopic Jib Crane!

This camera crane vouches graceful Floating shots every time without any distraction or vibration. Leading ahead from last so many years, its unique features make you feel to own it. Special “Tail Extension Method” of the jib crane saves your precious time and energy. It simply just half the weight to be used as compared to other Octagonal film cranes. We bet, there is no better deal in the market. It is true value for money offer. The Collapsible design allows the camera jib sections to nest in to each other for portability and the whole package comes in high impact protective packing for carrying, transporting and storing your valuable camera equipment. We offers the most comprehensive value added kit for turning your ordinary vista shots in to extra ordinary at an affordable price. Check the volume before buying any other Camera Jib Crane. All 33ft Jib Cranes in the market lack in telescopic design, making you carry it in 10 different sections. On the other hand, our Jib Crane packed in just 1 custom fit case makes it a traveler pack. Each section fits in to another section and comes in a high impact, professional storage case.High Impact Protective Packing for Carrying, Transporting and Storing your Valuable Equipment – absolutely FREE with this Product.


Exclusive of Weights

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-  Expandable from 4ft (one section) to 33ft (Ten section) in 3ft increments.
-  Each extendable section is 4ft long giving 1ft overlaps between sections.
-  As each section is pulled from the previous section, you can store unused sections in the tail as ballast weight and lighten your counterweight demand.
-  The Rear Control Center has provisions for mounting the Joystick Control box, LCD Monitor & Zoom Controller.
-  As a quality constructed reinforced camera Jib it should last a lifetime.
-  100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Congratulations to Sébastien PINS (Wildlife Cinematographer)

We are extremely Happy and Proud to be a part of Mr. Sebastien's Journey of making this extremely successful Short Film featured across Various Film Festivals and Received an Award in the United Nations. Congratulations and All the Best for the Future !


The 33ft Kite telescopic camera jib sections are made from hi-grade Aluminum constructions that make it enough sturdy and robust. Its sections collapse into each other for compact storage.

-  EXPANDABLE FROM 4FT (ONE SECTION) TO 33FT (Ten section) in 3ft increments giving 1ft overlaps between sections..
-  EACH JIB ARM SECTION IS PULLED FROM THE PREVIOUS SECTION, you can store unused sections in the tail as ballast weight and lighten your counterweight demand..


Unique, special developed technology Tail Extension Method (TEM) saves your precious time and energy. It reduces the counter weight from 900 pounds to 400 pounds. Just half the weight in comparison to other octagonal camera cranes.


Complimentary Tools and Tool Pouch/Wrap

This tool / accessory roll pouch provides Rapid Access to Various Tools such as Allen Keys or wrenches. This premium quality tool roll has 10 Various Pockets to neatly organize a variety of hand tools so you can work quickly and efficiently.

Image Gallary

For Dslr Video Camera Camcorder

Allows filmmakers to play with new angles

The Supporting accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

 Jib Arm Material High Grade Aluminum HE30
 Height from Ground 32ft(9.75 Meter)
 Jib Arm Thickness 3mm
 Jib Crane Length 33ft (10.05 Meter)
 Jib each Arm length 4ft
 Finish Black Powder Coated
 Coupling Jib Arm Sections A union coupling design of Jib Arm is done by washer and Steel bolt and shank with external clamps as well as Pin Lock for double locking System
 Jib Arm Break downs to 10 Sections of 4ft each
 Camera Platform Leveling By Control Cable
 Stress cable High carbon steel with electro galvanized 4mm tested wire at 900kg
 Multiple Alignment Multiple user friendly alignment of Stress Cable is provided For making Jib Stand straight without any curve
 Max Camera Package Load Capacity (including Pan Tilt Head) 20kg (45lbs)

 Weight Lightweight Heavy Bulky
 Finish Hard Black Powder Coated for Lifetime use Powder Coated
 Shape Octagonal (Re-enforced engineering for Triple Strength) Rectangular
 Telescopic Yes No (fits into very heavy 3' x 3' x 4.5')
 Assembly Within 30 minutes Takes more than 55 minutes for setup
 Material High Grade Aluminum Aluminum
 Camera Jib Stand Heavy Duty Jib Stand (HD-STD) Included Others recommend photography Tripod Stand that is not recommended for jib
 Spreader Heavy Duty Aluminum Spreader Included for high stability Not Included
 Packing Lightweight High Impact Professional Hard case Packing Heavy Bulky packing made out of board and aluminum and has equal weight as of the product
 Add Counter Weights in the rear section of Jib according to Camera and Pan Tilt Head weight as per this chart : The Telescopic jib has a varying weight ratio depending on the length you have chosen.

The 33ft arm itself balances at about 408lbs. Just multiply the weight, of the additional items you will put on the end of the arm, by 6 and you will know how much weight to buy.

Buy a few extras in case you add other accessories.

 HD-STD Stand (LW-150)
  Max height 7.4ft (including U-Fork)
  Material Used Rock Solid Heavy duty Jib stand (HD-STD) made of solid aluminum is foundation of Jib Crane
  Weighing Capacity 400kg
  Mount Type U-Mount
  Hub Assembly Material High Grade aluminum HE30
  Stand Legs Has double locking system (aluminum knob and Steel Pin Lock system as well) fully extendable.
  Carrying Case size 34 inches
  Spreader Max Opening from center 2.4ft
  Spreader Distance 3.11ft
 Spreader Feet Made of solid aluminum with Steel Lock Pin
  Spreader weight 5lbs(2.3kg)

- Proaim 33ft Long Camera Jib Crane with Accessories
- Proaim Heavy Duty Jib Stand (HD-STD)
- Aluminum Spreader

- Complimentary Tools and Tool Pouch/Wrap
- Carrying Case for Camera Jib Arm & Jib Stand

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