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Proaim Kite-11 Video Camera Jib Crane, 25kg/55lb Payload


Top Quality Jib Crane for Professional Filmmaking!

Adapts 2-Axis/3-Axis Pan-Tilt Head and Gimbal Remote Heads
Great Performance, Enhanced Stability, Fast & Easy Setup

Weights & Stand are not included

Proaim Kite 11ft octagonal camera crane is a Heavy duty, Professional & Compact filming solution for independent filmmakers and videographers. High-grade aluminum construction holds camera setups up to 25kg/55lb. The highly versatile jib is compatible with most gimbals & pan-tilt heads for more stabilized shots. It is designed for indoor & outdoor video productions and shoots. The camera jib is compatible with a flat or 100mm bowl tripod stand. This 11ft telescopic jib is easily convertible to 8ft.

It breaks down into 3 sections of 4ft each giving 1ft of overlap. High-strength stress cable keeps the camera plate completely parallel to the ground. As each section is pulled from the previous section, you can store unused section in the tail as ballast weight & lighten your counterweight demand. Proaim Kite-11ft satisfies the demands of operators and brings more professionalism to your film & video projects!

Supportive Accessories are for Demonstration only

- Proaim 11ft Telescopic Camera Jib Crane

- Construction: High-Grade CNC Aluminum
- Payload Capacity: up to 25kg / 55lb
- Compatible Camera Head: 2-Axis / 3-Axis Pan-Tilt Head
                                           - 3-Axis Gimbal Remote Heads
- Compatible Tripod Stand: Flat Head and 100mm Tripod Stand
- Jib Crane Length: 11 feet (including camera mount)
- Jib Arm Shape: Octagonal
- Jib Arm Thickness: 3mm
- Pan Lock: Yes
- Product Weight: 24kg