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Proaim ISO Dampener Mitchell Camera Gimbal Mount for Remote Head & Gimbal-Stabilized Heads

Payload - 90kg / 198lb

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Ultimate Vehicular Stabilization Experience!

Smoothen Out the Adverse Impacts of High-Speed!

Smooth & Stable Shots

Stabilizes Roll/Pan/Horizontal Errors Experienced on Moving Vehicles.

Wide Compatibility

Supports cranes, shock absorber arms, remote control heads, and gimbal stabilizing heads.

Optimum Calibration

Easily adjust the dampening level according to your shooting requirements.



 Dampener: High-grade Aluminum
 Bearings: Stainless Steel
Fasteners: Stainless Steel
 Bush: Aluminum & Gun Metal

Payload Capacity

  Maximum Load Capacity: 90kg / 198lb
  Minimum Load Capacity: 15kg / 33lb


  Top Mounting: Mitchell
  Bottom Mounting: Mitchell

Movement of ISO dampener

20° angle each side

Temperature Range

  -20° to +50° Celsius / -4° to +122° Fahrenheit


Proaim ISO Dampener Mitchell Camera Gimbal Mount for Remote Head & Gimbal-Stabilized Heads

Product Weight (Without Packing)

  7kg / 15lb

Product Volumetric Weight (With Packing)

  22.23kg / 49lb

In the Box

ISO Dampener
Castle Nut Wrench

User Manual


Versatile & Adaptable

Proaim ISO Dampener Mitchell Mount is an excellent solution to eliminate shakiness and vibration when shooting from moving platforms with high-ranking speeds.
It helps in roll, pan, and horizontal axis stabilization by absorbing vibrations generated by quick direction changes or camera movements.
The top and bottom of the dampener include the industry-standard Mitchell mount to attach jibs, cranes, dollies, shock absorbers arms, and remote head & stabilized head


Optimum Damping, Lifting Capacity & Stability

The Dampener increases gimbal head efficiency by lowering rotational stress and smoothing out pan errors by isolating high-frequency vibrations between the mount and head.
There are four dampers, two for each axis, with high-speed steel bearings.
The built-in dampening adjustment knobs allow you to adjust the hydraulic dampening level to best suit the weight of your camera equipment and the shooting conditions.
The dampener supports payloads up to 90kg/198lb and has a minimum load requirement of 15kg/33lb for use.


Compact & Safe Flight Case

The Proaim ISO dampener comes snugly packed in a hard case with a unique foam liner, allowing you to safely store or travel with it.
The case’s compact size makes it simple to transport to different sets and locations.


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