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Proaim Fusion Video/Film Camera Dolly Slider with Track Ends

100kg /220lb | Runs on Tracks & Flat Surface


Dolly that Delivers Floating-like Scenes – Adds Depth

Making it Hard to ignore what’s on Screen!!


Create an Unspoken Cue of Emotions

Not only the high-end movie businesses; these days, Indie Filmmakers, YouTubers, Vloggers, Video Creator knows the essence of Dolly Shots.
And knows that a smooth & stable moving shot beats a static one - even if the shot only lasts a few seconds!
An excellent dolly shot quickly creates tension, incites all kinds of emotions, from anticipation to dread, and creates an unspoken string for the audience.
Proaim Fusion Compact Portable Slider Dolly integrates the latest technology with supreme quality to maximize your creative potential.



Designed for Smooth Functioning & Superb Footage

A minutely designed Fusion Dolly Slider is sturdy enough to take a massive payload.
It has solid V-Shape wheels designed with double ball bearings to run smoothly on tracks & a flat surface.
It comes with track-ends for overall secure and smooth track running.
The head mount is designed with a 100 mm bow & offers additional receptacles of 75 mm conversion ring, 150mm Bowl & a Mitchell Mount.
It lets you take inclined shots with the unique tilting camera platform.
And the soft-grip rubber ball feet, support bracket, and safety wheels give overall secure, leveled & greater performance.


Your Perfect Travel Partner

Proaim Fusion Compact Portable Dolly Slider is perfect for taking along with yourself for outdoor shoots.
The storage Case gives complete protection and makes it easily carryable to different sets and locations


See how the Fusion Camera Dolly Works


Dolly Construction

  High-Grade Aluminum

Payload Capacity

  100kg/220lb (on floor without track)

Compatible Track

  38mm‐50mm diameters

Tilt-able Camera Platform

  upto 52°

Wheel Construction

  Metalon (include double ball bearings)


  V Shape Solid

Camera Travel 4ft


Camera Travel 8ft


Tripod Mounting

  Baby pin Mount


Proaim Fusion Video/Film Camera Dolly Slider with Track Ends

Product Weight (Without Packing) 

  9.7kg / 21.38lb

Product Volumetric Weight(With Packing) 

  32.1kg / 70.76lb

In the Box

Camera Dolly with 100mm bowl
75mm Conversion Ring
150mm Bowl
Mitchell Base
Support Bracket
2 x End Feet
3 x Junior Pin Adapter
4 x Adjustable Leveling Leg
2 x Safety Wheel
3 x Allen Keys
4 x Elastic Stopper
Flight Case

User Manual

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  • Hi, what is the distance between the tubes

    12 inches