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Proaim Fusion Camera Dolly with Track Ends

Camera Mount: Mitchell & 75mm/100mm/150mm Bowl


Advanced, Uniquely Versatile, Compact, User-friendly Slider Dolly

One Slider for All Cameras, Works with or without Track, Flat or Inclined

Delivers Ultra Smooth, Precise Movement with Ease of Control

Professional, Well-built, Supports Heavy Payloads, Lightweight & Travel Easy.

Proaim Fusion Versatile Slider Dolly

A camera dolly is one of the most powerful tools in a filmmaker's arsenal. The newly launched Proaim Fusion Camera Dolly with Track Ends is the most versatile camera slider & skater dolly you will ever need. Designed with simplicity in mind, it allows the end user to maximize their creative potential. The Fusion Dolly features a custom-designed base plate and frictionless wheel platform, which provides glass-like movement while tracking subjects. The commercial-grade aluminum constructed heavy-duty dolly handles payload up to 100kg/220lb. It is compatible with any camera from ARRI Alexa, Red Epic to a lightweight DSLR, as well as all industry standard camera head mounts. Lighter and quicker to set up, it is more than just a dolly; it will under slung the camera for overhead shots, and will also work as a table-top skater.

Mitchell base dolly track system


Video is for demonstration only

Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements

Four Mounting Options

The top mount comes equipped with standard 100mm Bowl Receptacle and can be quickly changed between all industry-standard head mounts - 75mm, 100mm, 150mm Bowls or Mitchell Mount configurations, to accommodate nearly any type of camera head and to meet different shooting needs.

Adustable dolly legs with mitchell camera base

Flexible Tilting Platform

For creating diagonal incline shots, the dolly utilizes a unique tilting camera platform that inclines up to 52° and levels the camera angle, while the wheels roll on. When the tracks are inclined, the tilting platform can be adjusted to a level position.

mitchell base camera platform with mitchell base tunstile chair

V-Shape Wheels

Self-centering V-shape wheels provide smooth movements on multiple size tracks. The V-shape design allows the dolly to roll on tracks, while the flat edges allow for rolling on flat surfaces. The solid wheel system is made from Metalon which includes double ball bearings for an ultra-smooth performance. The wheels are compatible with track diameters of 30mm-40mm. One of the 4 wheels is equipped with a gear drive for making it motor drive capable.

mitchell base camera platform with mitchell base tunstile chair

Adjustable Levelling Legs

The four levelling legs have a soft grip rubber ball feet for a secure grip, simple height adjustment and levelling. The feet allow mounting the track on the floor as well as at an inclined position. You can forgo using stands completely and just sit the slider almost anywhere, even on rough or uneven surfaces.

mitchell base camera platform with mitchell base tunstile chair

Support Bracket

For straight longer slides; it has support bracket to maintain the rails in straight levelled position without bowing. The spigot mounts to the top of C-stand and the V-slot supports are independently adjustable, so no shims are required.

mitchell base camera platform with mitchell base tunstile chair

Safety Wheels

The Safety Wheels keep Fusion dolly secured to the rail tracks, they roll along the bottom of the rails and prevent top wheels from jumping the tracks. These are specifically useful during inclined or under-slung shots. The Safety wheels are easy to attach & remove from the setup.

mitchell base camera platform with mitchell base tunstile chair


camera crane dolly system

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

-Load capacity on Floor without Track: 100kg/220lb
-Wheel Type:  V shape Solid Single Metalon 4 wheels
                         include double ball Bearings
-Camera Travel 4ft:  2.5ft
-Camera Travel 8ft:  6.5ft
-Tripod Mount: C Stand
-Tilt-able Camera Platform: upto 52°

  • Camera Dolly with 100mm bowl
  • 2 x End Feet
  • 4 x Adjustable Leveling Legs
  • Support Bracket
  • Mitchell Base
  • 150mm Bowl
  • 75mm Conversion Ring
  • 2 x Safety Wheels
  • 3 x Allen Keys
  • 4 x Elastic Stoppers
  • 3 x Junior Pin Adapters
  • Flight Case

  • Hi, what is the distance between the tubes

    12 inches