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Proaim Freedom Multipurpose Film Camera Doorway Dolly

Universal Modular System – Gets the Shot You Desire!

Transforms to Doorway / Tracking Dolly, Slider, Table dolly, Hi-Hat, Bazooka Base
Stable Support for various products – Customizable to your production needs.
Smooth, Compact, Lightweight Design, Easy to Use & Right Price!

Bazooka dolly system

Note: Product Revised on 03-09-2019

Lightweight, stable, smooth
Allows silent & smooth camera movements on flat surfaces, such as a table. The Base Plate can be individually combined with a bowl (75–150 mm), Mitchell or Wedge Tilt Plate or directly a fluid head with an integrated 3/8”-16 thread in the middle.

You can purchase Studio Wheels separately.
Easy & low camera positioning
The Lowboy / Hi-Hat can be equipped with 100 / 150mm bowl, offset bracket or a Mitchell Plate. You can place Levelling feet directly to the Base Plate or to extension legs for bigger footprint. The bubble level on base plate always keeps you safe.

You can purchase Levelling Feet separately.
Incredibly stable with high payload
High load capacity of up to 300kg/660lb is achieved due to strong, high grade aluminum construction. It can be set up with 3 or more (up to 8) arms. The arms have a flexible ratchet to cover different angles, made for difficult setups. It can also be equipped with Studio Wheels.

You can purchase Bull Bazooka separately.

Precision Track Wheels for smooth movements
Professional high-grade wheel set provides smooth & stable rides. The Freedom Slider can be used on any length of track rails. It can also be used with curved rails. Compatible track: 1-1.5”. Track distance: 18” or 24.5”.

Base Plate with 4x Legs
(Track centre distance 18”/ 45.72cm)

Base Plate with 8x Legs
(Track centre distance 24.5”/ 62.23cm)

Versatile to be rigged for any production
You can use the Freedom Dolly as a Tracking Dolly by adding Platforms and Track wheels. A high payload capacity of up to 300kg/660lb enables to ride the cameraman and assistant. The standard track gauge of 62 cm allows this Tracking Dolly to move on all common tracks which are standard around the world. As an option, you can also use the Dolly on compact rubber tracks.

Note: You can purchase Track Wheels separately.

Ready for Every Action
Freedom Doorway Dolly gives you the freedom you need. Compact & Versatile dolly is CNC-machined Aluminum Construction for protection, durability and stability. The Dolly well-matches with Euro/Elemac Base Mount, Turnstile Mount, Track, and so on. Meets the Production Needs of Motion Picture, Television and Video Industries.

Key Features

Base Plate
Features many holes & threads for mounting various accessories.

10” Pneumatic Tyre Set
Absorbs shocks resulting in smoother rides on different surfaces.

Telescopic Push Bar
Tilts down 340° & stays where you leave for more convenience.

Rear-Wheel Steering
The front wheels remain fixed, while the wheels close to steering are used to turn.


- Construction: High Grade Aluminum
- Load Capacity: 300kg/660lb
- Pneumatic Tyre: 10"
- Arms Size: 8"
- Height from ground: 11"
- Compatible track distance: 24”- 32”
- Compatible track rail dia: 30mm- 40mm
- Compatible Tracks: Clip Track, Stream Track, TRK-16-32
- Product weight (without Packing): 24kg/53lb
- Flight Case Dimensions: LxWxH - 142x62x36 cm

Proaim Round Dolly Seat (DS-289-00)

- Construction: Foam Padded
- Diameter: 300mm
- Thickness: 45mm
- Pin Mount Diameter: 25mm

Seat arm Vertical 30cm/12” (SA-287-02)
- Construction: Aluminum
- Size: 30cm/12"
- Pin Mount Diameter: 25mm

Proaim Telescopic 32"- 46” Bazooka with Quick Lock Lever (BZ-286-00)

- Construction: High Grade Aluminum
- Telescopic Range: 81cm-117cm / 32"- 46”
- Weighing Capacity: 200kg / 441lb
- Product Weight (Bazooka & Euro Adapter): 6.15kg / 13.5lb

Proaim Euro/Elemac - Bowl Camera Riser (100mm) (BA-267-00)

- Construction: Aluminum
- Bowl size: 100mm
- Product Weight: 1.33kg / 2.93lb

 DL-FRDM-00   DL-FRDM-01
 Base Plate  Base Plate
 8 x Arms  8 x Arms
 4 x Plates  4 x Plates
 Push Pull Bar with Foam Handle  Push Pull Bar with Foam Handle
 4 x Pneumatic Tyres  4 x Pneumatic Tyres
 Flight Transport Case  1 x Flight Transport Case, 3 x Carton Box
 -  1 x Round Dolly Seat (DS-289-00)
 -  1 x Seat Arm Vertical 30cm/12” (SA-287-02) with 25mm Adapter pin
 -  1 x Telescopic Bazooka with Quick Lock Lever (BZ-286-00)
 -  Proaim Euro/Elemac - Bowl Camera Riser (100mm) (BA-267-00)