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Proaim Flexi Rig Pro Spool Clamp for DJI Ronin R2 & MōVI Pro

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Hold Any Gimbal For Any Period Of Time!

Designed to use with Proaim Flexi Rig Pro & 3-Axis Gimbal Grip System.

Sliding Spool Clamps allow Rotating Your Gimbal Freely as you Tilt.

Fingertip Control for Operating Your Gimbal is Possible Now!

Proaim Spool Clamp is a revolutionary concept that allows you to adjust the force needed to tilt your gimbal, when used with Proaim Flexi Rig Pro Camera Gimbal Support. The spool clamps along with Gimbal Grip offers increased flexibility with a greater tilt movement range to your Gimbal. The high quality bearings allow the spool to rotate freely, as you tilt. Adjustable Spool clamps slide on the Grip Side bars for achieving perfect balance. It appropriately fits 30mm tube and is tightened with the knob. On the other side of the spool clamp, attach the Bungee Elastic Cord of Proaim Flexi Rig Pro and let your gimbal swing freely.


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Fine-Tuning Balance

You can slide the Spool Clamp up and down the grip for easy balancing of the gimbal setup. If you slide the clamps up, bottom of the rig becomes heavier which requires more effort to tilt. When you slide them down closer to Centre of Gravity, setup becomes neutral and needs less effort to tilt making fingertip control possible.


The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

- Construction: High-grade CNC Aluminum
- Clamp Diameter: 30mm
- Product Weight (Without Packing): 500 gm

- 2 x Proaim Spool Clamps

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