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Proaim Fistgrip Car Mount with Shock Absorbing System for Camera Gimbals

Payload 2-10Kg/ 4.4lb-22lb | For DJI RS2, RS3, RS3 Pro, Crane 3S, Ronin 4D Camera Gimbals

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Get Ready for Your Next Cinematic Voyage!

A Secure & Flexible Solution for Smooth & Steady Car Shots!


Capture Dynamic Action Shots

Now unleash your creative potential with Proaim Fistgrip Car Mounting System, carefully designed to mount a gimbal onto your moving car and provide steadiness to capture ultra-smooth action shots.
It lets you set up your camera in a multitude of orientations & positions onto the car through a smartly featured modular dovetail mounting frame and enhanced suction system.
Besides this, the equipped vibration isolator arm and head dampen the blow of jerks on the moving vehicle to enable shooting compelling & dynamic sequences altogether.



Modular Design

The System constitutes highly customizable dovetail-like plates with multiple built-in expansion screws to flexibly achieve high-or low angle shots at a variety of angles.
Likewise, you can fine tune the exact placement of your shot to achieve almost any angle possible.
You can get it instantly attached to your car via the suction cups, which mount beneath the sturdy dovetail arms.
We also provide a dual-support adapter plate for V-mount batteries to power your gimbals, such as a DJI RS 3, RS 3 Pro, or RS 2.


Optimized Shock Absorption

The vibration isolator system, coupled with a dampener and shock-absorbing spring, minimizes the shocks, jerks, movements, and high-frequency vibrations while damping low-frequency oscillations.
The shock-absorber head’s strategically configured wire cable blocks absorb inertial movements and support payload up to 10kg/22lb.
We provide two different sets of cable blocks. (i.e., light-ranged blocks for 2-5kg payload & heavy-ranged blocks for 5-10kg).
Also, it has multiple 3/8”-16, 1/4”-20, and M8 threads on the top plate for mounting cameras, gimbals, support arms, etc.



Robust & Reliable System

Its ultimate triangle mounting configuration helps you achieve cinematic power pack shots, all while offering amplified security to your gimbal setup.
You can experience extreme flexibility while working in high-speed pursuits, owing to its quick assembly and high adaptability, even for the complicated mounting situation.
The System has a safety belt that secures the components from slipping off.
All suction cups come with dust covers to protect grippers from dust & provide maximum surface adhesion.

Caution: Recheck the Pump every 90 minutes. If the red line is visible, Re-pump the cup without losing the remaining vacuum till the Red Line disappears.

Unlimited Creativity

Achieve Almost Any Angle Possible!

Side Door High - Angle Mounting

Car Hood Mounting

SUV Rear Mounting

Front Low- Angle Mounting

Side Door Low- Angle Mounting

SUV Rear Corner Mounting



  High-grade CNC Aluminum


  Multiple 3/8”-16, 1/4”-20, and M8 threads

Battery Mounting

  Dual V-mount battery Adapter Plate

In the Box

Shock-Absorbing Arm
Shock-Absorbing Head with 2 x V-Mount Battery Plate
8 x Counterweight
2 x Small Suction Cup with Dust Cover (Black)
1 x Large Suction Cup with Dust Cover (Yellow)
4 x Shock-Absorbing Adapter
4 x Dovetail Plate
2 x Safety Belt
Flight Case

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