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Proaim Balloon Wheels for Falcon Camera Rickshaw

For Beaches, Deserts, Mud, Sand & Grass

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Wheels for your Cart’s Smooth Transition in Difficult Terrains!


Lead Free with Smooth Ride

Roll your Falcon Rickshaw smoothly and effortlessly with Proaim Balloon Wheels that offers easy navigation in challenging terrains like beaches, deserts, mud, sand, and grass.
It holds an incredible ability to absorb the unevenness of the surface by reducing bumps and shakiness in movements, giving you more dynamic and realistic shots.
The wheels support an impressive payload of 80kg/176lb, and their high-quality construction makes them more robust and smoother, resulting in more stability in the cart.
In addition to that, these wheels are very easy to mount and dismount.

Proaim Balloon Wheels for Falcon Camera Rickshaw



  Proaim Falcon Pro Stabilized Camera Rickshaw Support


  80 kg / 176lb (each)

Pressure Range




Product Weight (Without Packing)

  8.5kg / 18.73lb

Product Gross Weight (With Packing)

  10.8kg / 23.80lb

In the Box

2 x Proaim Balloon Wheels
2 x Sank
4 x Bush
1 x Spanner

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