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Flycam DSLR Nano HD Camera Stabilizer

Free Table Clamp and Unico Quick Release

Flycam DSLR Nano HD Stabilizer with Arm Support Brace

Get Stable & Controlled Shots

By Stabilizing Your Camera with DSLR NANO HD!

Flycam HD-Series represents it’s most excellent, and quality build Flycam DSLR Nano HD handheld Stabilizer with micro-balancing features. It allows you to shoot incredibly smooth & graceful shots. It is designed to hold your camera and keep it stable even when you are in extreme situations like running, going up and down stairs or walking on the rugged surface. Get your hands on this amazing piece of gear and enjoy unparalleled results from your first shoot!

Flycam DSLR Nano Stabilizer with Arm Support Brace

NOTE: Handle's Foam Design may vary according to the availability.


Video is for demonstration only
Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements

Professionally Constructed Stabilizer

The aluminum black anodized stabilizer is strong yet lightweight. It is compatible with wide range of cameras and has weighing capacity of 1.5kg/3.3lb

Flycam DSLR Nano Stabilizer with Arm Support Brace

The sections of the stabilizer that help

in giving Great Output!

Camera Platform with Micro-Balancing Technology

The micro-balancing feature on the camera platform helps to adjust the horizontal balance so precisely & quickly. The control knobs allow quick, precise adjustment of the top stage’s back & forth and side-to-side movement.
The camera plate has 1/4"-20 slots which is compatible with all the camera bases.

flycam DSLR nano camera plate

CNC Machined Gimbal with Foam Cushioned Handle

Handle Grip is attached to a free floating, three axis Gimbal. This allows your hand to move up and down, and side-to-side freely. The gimbal has ball bearings for smooth rotational camera control with easy ‘on axis’ movement.

flycam DSLR nano camera plate

Dynamic Base Platform

The Base Plate contains weight discs that help in maintaining the dynamic balance of the stabilizer.

flycam dslr nano weights

Telescopic Central Post

By changing the length of the no-tools telescopic Central Post, you adjust the camera's vertical balance.

flycam dslr nano telescopic post

An ultra-smooth, elegant handheld camera stabilizer system with telescopic structure

Absolutely Free!


A platform for quick mounting and dismounting of the camera.

flycam quick release

Table Clamp:

Table clamp helps you to quickly balance your handheld stabilizer and also keeps you burden free from holding a stabilizer for long hours in between the shoots.

table clamp


flycam DSLR nano with arm brace

flycam DSLR nano with arm brace

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only

-   Construction - Aluminum black anodized stabilizer
-   Weighing capacity - 1.5kg/3.5lbs
-   Head Plate Dimensions - 6.8 x 3.9 inches
-   Max Length - 55cm
-   Min Length - 38cm
-   Camera Mounting Screw - 1/4"
-   Base Platform has 1/4" mounting hole for optional LCD Monitor attachment
-   Number of weight plates - 10 pcs
-   Weight of single weight plate – 90 grm
-   Stabilizer weight – 1.2 kg


-  Material: Polymide 66
-  Color: Matt Black
-  Dimension: 13.5*7.2*2cm
-  Self Weight: 135g (0.30 lbs)
-  Accepts both 1/4" or 3/8" mounting screw size

-   FLYCAM DSLR Nano HD Camera Hand held Stabilizer
-   FREE Heavy Duty Table Clamp (TC-030-00)
-   FREE Unico Quick Release (FLCM-UQR)
-   Storage Bag


Q. Does this stabilizer come with the counterweight?
Ans : Yes, this stabilizer comes with counter weight plates i.e. 8 weights for each side.

Q. Is it compatible with the arm support and body vest?
Ans : Yes it is compatible with the Arm support & body vest..
i) Flycam Arm Brace support
ii) FLYCAM Body Pod

Q. Does it come with a protector bag ?
Ans : Yes, this Flycam DSLR Nano includes the foam packaging with bag.

Q. Can I mount LCD Monitor with Flycam DSLR Nano?
Ans : Yes, you can mount the LCD monitor onto the weight plate of Flycam DSLR Nano. You need to remove the weights from one side to which you want to mount the LCD monitor.

Q. What's the maximum weight capacity?
Ans : This Flycam DSLR Nano can take the cameras weighing upto - 1.5kg/3.3lbs

Q. Will the Flycam DSLR Nano handheld video stabilizer work with a glidecam arm brace or do I have to purchase the flycam arm brace?
Ans : Yes, the Flycam DSLR Nano Stabilizer will work with glidecam arm brace.   

Q . If my camera plus accessories are overweight, what options do I have? Can I add more counter weights?  
Ans : Flycam DSLR Nano can bear upto 3.3lbs. If the weight of your setup is more than 3.3lbs, we suggest you to purchase Flycam HD-3000  for perfect balance as it can bear weight upto 8lbs..  

Q . How long can I use the stabilizer before I get tired? Do I need the Arm & Vest with this?
Ans : This Flycam DSLR Nano camera stabilizer weighs only 2.7kgs and so can be holded easily for long time but for more comfort you can use it with Arm Support and Body vest. Following are the options for it :
i) Flycam Arm Brace support
ii) FLYCAM Body Pod
iii) Flycam Comfort Arm & Vest Camera Stabilization System
iv) Flycam Galaxy Arm & Vest

Q . What is the difference between the HD-3000 and Flycam 3000?
Ans : The key difference in both the models is the design. The HD-3000 has micro balancing feature as compared to Flycam 3000. The HD-3000 includes Unico Quick release plate and Table clamp as free accessories, where as Flycam 3000 includes Unico Quick release plate and Flycam Yoko as free accessories.

Q . What is the weight of HD-3000?
Ans : The weight of HD-3000 with weight plate is approx. 2.7 kg

Q: Is it returnable for a full refund if it doesn’t meet my expectations upon delivery?
Ans : Yes, absolutely. We always backup our sales. In case, you don't like the product, we take it back within 14 days and you get a 100% refund.

Q : What is the warranty?
Ans : We provide 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Items which are covered by the warranty period will be replaced at no cost to the customer. Replacement parts of the product will be provided at nominal cost (covering the cost price of the replacement parts only) to the customers after the Warranty Period has expired.

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