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Proaim Z Motion Control System

for Zeal Sliders

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Proaim launches its powerful motion control system specially designed for 2ft, 3ft & 4ft Zeal slider. This motor drive system when added to the slider lets you create dynamic video and time-lapse photography sequences with fluid and precise motorized slides. The 12V motor provides smooth or incremental movements, and works with most DSLR, mirrorless, and camcorders up to 6kg/13lb.

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Powerful motor proves smooth or incremental movements, and works with most DLSR, mirrorless, and digital cinema cameras.

Proaim Z Motion Control System for Zeal Sliders


Robust camera platform gets quickly connected to slider and the provided knobs help to control speed of movement.

motorised system for camera sliders


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With the controller, you can capture those dramatic shots with super smoothness with absolute control on the camera movements. Not only this, the drive system provides you with the benefit of dolly shot which is great way to add enough emotion to your motion picture.

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Normal Mode

conroller system for sliders

Auto Mode

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Time-Lapse Mode


Turning the controller on, the Green light will be displayed. This is “normal mode” where you have to continuously press the left/right button to give left or right direction. Use the speed knob to adjust the variable speed while the carriage is in motion. Orange Light will blink when you will operate the speed knob.


Bring the speed knob to ‘zero’ and press both the red buttons together & release, to change the mode to “auto mode”. This will be displayed by orange light. Here, you just have to press the left/right button once to give the direction & then orange light starts blinking. Use the speed knob in a similar way to adjust the variable speed.


To enter into time lapse mode press & release both directional buttons together. Led will start blinking (Red). This mode has three speed setting options.

- Slow Speed: (LED flash one time) Set position speed knob to 1, then press and release both directional buttons together to take timelapse shots in slow speed. To start and stop the motion, Press & Release one of the directional button. This mode is used for horizontal motion with light load..
- Medium Speed: (LED flash two times) Set position speed knob to 3, then press and release both directional buttons together to take timelapse shots in medium speed. To start and stop the motion, Press & Release one of the directional button. This mode is used for horizontal motion with approx, 2 kg load.
- Fast Speed: (LED flash three times) Set position speed knob to 5, then press and release both directional buttons together to take timelapse shots in fast speed. To start and stop the motion, Press & Release one of the directional button. This mode is used for horizontal motion with maximum 4 kg load.

- Speed knob is to set the delay time that you desire. When you move the knob clockwise it will increase the delay time and vice-a-versa
- Delay time range is from 50 milliseconds to 2.2 seconds.

- Whenever, you will turn the controller “on”, the controller will automatically start with normal mode.

Motion Controller for Zeal Slider



Add motion control capabilities to your slider

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  1. Nice Product !
    review by Hannah

    I bought 4ft Zeal slider and I was using it from last six months. No doubt it was versatile, smooth, and quiet but now with this motion control system, it becomes professional grade slider. It provides different sliding modes & time lapse feature and I can enjoy glass-like movement while tracking various subjects.

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- Input Power : 12V DC
- Motor Type: Geared motor
- Motor Power : 30RPM /12V DC
- Motor Speed: 20DB
- Load Capacity : 6kg/13.2lb (Horizontal)
- Wire Length :3 mtr

- Battery Input Power : 7.2v DC
- Adopter Input Power : 12v DC
- Output Power : 12v DC for Motor
- On/Off Switch : Yes

- Mode Option : Press at a time dual button to speed 0
- Mode One : Normal
- Mode Two : Move Right & Left Auto
- Mode Three-Four : Timeless
2ft Zeal slider
- Min Speed : 44Sec
- Max Speed : 8Sec
3ft Zeal slider
- Min Speed : 1min 6Sec
- Max Speed : 13Sec
4ft Zeal slider - Min Speed : 1min 32Sec
- Max Speed : 17Sec

- Z Motion Control
- 3mtr wire
- Remote Control
- 12v Adapter

Q: What is the voltage of the motor?
Ans: The voltage is 12V.

Q: Which motor is used in this slider?
Ans:The motor used is 12V geared motor.

Q: How long is the cable comes with motion control system?
Ans: We provide 3meter long cable with this motion control system.

Q: Does it include battery for motion control system?
Ans: No it doesn’t include battery. You can purchase 7V or 12V battery for using it in motion system.

Q: Does it come fully assembled in its packing and is ready to use?
Ans: No, you have to mount the mount the motor, cable and controller and you are set to go.

Q: Is it returnable for a full refund if it doesn’t meet my expectations upon delivery?
Ans: Yes, absolutely. We always backup our sales. In case, you don't like the product, we take it back within 14 days and you get a 100% refund.

Q: What is the warranty?
Ans: We provide 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Items which are covered by the warranty period will be replaced at no cost to the customer. Replacement parts of the product will be provided at nominal cost (covering the cost price of the replacement parts only) to the customers after the Warranty Period has expired.