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Proaim Cambird Dolly Crane Slider


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As the name says, Proaim Cambird Dolly Crane Slider is an all in one piece of performance package with capabilities of camera slider dolly and the functions of jib crane. The rugged construction gets transformed from a slider dolly to a camera jib arm instantly by just one man. The unique camera plate is fully adjustable to cover all the angles. The smart counter balance system delivers continuous balanced control with smooth camera movements to the video equipment. The tripod dolly jib crane system is engineered to support cameras up to 10kg/22lb. Tight location shoots with multiple shots requirement and minimal time, that’s where our Proaim Cambird Dolly Crane Slider really shines.


(Revised On 03-Nov-2016)


-  Multi-function, multi-angled camera platform.
-  Transforms from camera slider into jib arm in a matter of seconds.
-  One Man Assembly.
-  Unique counter Balance system automatically moves opposite to camera for balanced control.
-  Captures any angle with stability.
-  100% satisfaction guarantee.

Variable Angle Operations

Automated Counter Weight System

Complete transformation from slider to mini jib in seconds


L plate allows different camera angle positioning for further creative possibilities.


Right from the lowest angle to the top arch, get the clean shot without break
The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

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 Construction  High-Grade Aluminum, CNC Construction
 Total Length of Slider  6.6ft
 Travelling length on Floor and Vertically  5ft
 Load Capacity  10kg
 Load Capacity on Floor  40Kg
 Slider Rail Diameter  12mm
 Tripod Mount Type  100mm Bowl
 Camera Plate Dimensions  5.4" x 3.10"
 Weight material  Steel
 Belt  Nylon, Wire – steel covered with sleeve
 Pan Tilt Lock  Yes
 Tilt Angle degree  60 degree
 Height from Bowl to camera plate  13 inch
 Height of Jib from Ground  6.2ft when tripod adjusted at 2.9ft height

-  Proaim Cambird Dolly Crane Slider (P-CMBD-S) (Revised On 03-Nov-2016)
-  4 Weight Washers (3mm)
-  4 Weight Washers (5mm)
-  6 Weight Washers (8mm)
-  4 Weight Washers (15mm)
-  4 Weight Washers (18mm)
-  L-plate (Revised On 03-Nov-2016)
-  Storage Case (Added on 28-Jan-2016)

Really Well Made and it's very smooth.This slider is really nice. Very sturdy, and well built with smooth motion.I've already used it on a professional shoot and the results were excellent.
By Mr. Jack, United States

Great piece of equipment, The build quality of the DC Slider is exceptional. And the counterweight helps to ensure that the movement is a smooth as possible.
By Ms. Cristina, Algeria

Great Design and Even Better Execution I've worked with several different slider systems, but this is the best one I have used.
By Mr. Nicol, Armenia

Glides like butter, I use my slider for short films in my college courses, and it's really a marvel!
By Mr. Peter, Belgium

Amazing slider This is the slider I have been looking for. It is very well built, smooth and gives what I need: consistency of performance.
By Mr. Mailen, Benin