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Proaim BMP60 S Long Blimp Microphone Windshield


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Say good-bye to unwanted noise and shock vibrations after using Proaim Microphone Blimp! Whether you are shooting a wedding or world news or an outdoor event, you need a professional audio. Not only will the production team appreciate great recordings, but even the mixing engineers in the music industry will highly value the clean recordings. Blimp Microphone, or Zeppelin Microphone as they are sometimes called, are windscreens that surround microphones with the purpose of reducing wind noise when recording audio at outdoor locations. Essentially a hollow cage with an acoustic cover, they create a volume of still air that surrounds the microphone. An elastic microphone suspension system further isolates the mic from the cage. Refinements to our BMP60 S Blimp Microphone Windscreen make it ideal for outdoor use for Audio Recordings, ENG, Film and Video production.

Blimp and boom pole

Camera slider


- Rugged yet lightweight modular construction
- Entire Mic Zeppelin and microphone suspension system disassembles
- Easy to set up - easier to use
- Best when used for outdoor applications
- 12 shock absorber/3 support ring - microphone suspension
- Boom pole adapter set
- Longer basket suitable for today's specialized mics

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Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements


This universal shock mount consists of two pair of thick rubber bands arranged tic-tac-toe fashion within a cylindrical framework. The mic is held inside of the "center circle" of the grids formed by the rubber bands. It will support just about any mic on the market except for the long shotguns.

Blimp and boom pole
Guranteed better quality audios

connectors of boom pole

Exclusive of MIC

Designed to reduce wind noise when recording in adverse environmental conditions.

Blimp and boom pole
Eliminates windy noises thereby providing pristine audio recordings

Note : Inner Color may vary as per availability


AKG-C568EB, CK8 + C451 or C460, CK68 or CK69ULS + C460B (reduced, full or demountable) CK98 + SE300B
Audio-Technica - AT835b or ST, AT4071a, AT815ST, AT877, AT4073, AT897
Beyer- MC716, MC726, MC736, MC836, MCE86(N), MCE87
Neumann - KMR81, KMR82 Sanken: CS-3, CSS5, CMS9
Sennheiser - K6 + ME66 or ME67, K3U + ME80, MKH60, MKH70, MKH416, MKH418
Sony - ECM670, ECM672, ECM999 and many more


Blimp and boom pole
Basket windshield for optimum noise suppression in windy conditions

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only


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-  ABS constructed Pistol Grip handle with XLR cable connection
-  Blimp Windscreen extension of 20cm provided (40cm-60cm)
-  Accommodates Mics up to 24mm in diameter and 16" in length
-  40cm synthetic fur cover for additional audio control
-  15mm to 25mm 6 pc mic holders

-  60cm Blimp Windscreen with Microphone Suspension and Handle.
-  Bonus 6 pc. Boom Pole Adapter Set
-  FREE 60cm & 40cm Synthetic Fur Covers
-  6pc Mic Holders

Quality Outdoor Sound I I'm anxious to do some more outdoor shootings with it... Best BUY i ever made In my life
By Mr. Subastlan, Nigeria

Easy to setup and adjust. Good noise reduction..Great Value for the Price!!
By Mr. Paul, Netherlands

Considering the price and the performance -very good Investment, i really appreciate all!
By Mr. Rihaan, Sri Lanka

Perfect for my miicrophone.. I will definitely buy it again... perfect!! - Thanks
By Mr. Garter, Romania

Fabulous item, works very well II Fast shipping, good communication & great customer service..
By Mr. John, Sweden