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Proaim 38ft Wave Camera Jib Crane Base Kit

(Proaim Wave - 5P 38ft Jib With HD-STD Stand) Supporting Cameras Weighing upto 21 kg / 46.3 lbs

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PROAIM 38' Base Kit is a camera crane video production package manufactured for making your filming projects more attractive and impressive. It is designed to extend your reach and to discover every unexplored angle. The Robust High-Grade Aluminum camera jib has triangular shaped design that makes it lighter weight for fast set-up & easy for one man to operate. Each section of the jib arm fits into each other very smoothly and securely ensuring strength and reliability.

camera jib crane

Every component of this video equipment is optimized design, fully considered safety and durability. It’s Black scratch resistant Powder coated finish ensures durability in the harshest settings. Comes with a rugged heavy duty tripod Jib stand that acts as a supporter for your steady shots. Camera Jib gives you the ability to get closer to action and follow the far moving subject from the side, front, back or top.

camera jib crane

(Revised on 04-Feb-2017)

video shooting crane


- High-quality camera crane perfect for any demanding angle
- Expandable from 2ft (one section) to 38ft (Nine section) in 4ft increments.
- The Rear Control Center has provisions for mounting the Joystick Control box & Zoom Controller.
- Jib can be also used at shorter lengths by reducing the sections.
- As a quality constructed reinforced jib it should last a lifetime.
- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Video is for demonstration only
Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements

(Revised on 04-Feb-2017)
Gets connected to most pan tilt in minutes, saving production time

professional camera crane


Each jib arm section fits smoothly and securely into another one. For better protection, it is fastened by a screw at the top which ensures better safety of your camera crane. Double security features guarantee its strength and reliability.

professional camera crane

Custom extruded sections connects smoothly & securely with one another

camera crane jib

LCD Mounting Arm for LCD Monitor comes with camera jib arm.


The Heavy Duty Jib Stand (HD-STD) is a Rock Solid made of aluminum, a robust and long-lasting camera jib stand ever built. It has fully strong solid hub assembly. The spreader feet are solid and have a double lock strong knob and locking pin as well. The spreader is fully extendable up to 2ft from its center. This Jib Stand supports and balances the camera crane perfectly without any problem. The Solid Jib Stand itself weights 17kg including spreader.

video crane

Heavy duty stand ensures steady shots

professional camera crane


video crane

Convertible design allows extension, pans, zoom-ins, and dolly-style shots


Enables you to easily pack your tools in custom soft pouch


Rugged construction lets you manoeuvre into different positions

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.


We offer a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects for all our products.

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  1. Great product
    review by Camelia

    I got a project to shoot a live concert. Then it makes me feel like I should have a crane to capture the whole thing from certain height. I assembled it and practiced with it when arrived. On the day of concert, it moved just the way I wanted. Its movements are smooth, easy to handle. It is so well built; it was really easy to balance with counter weight. Though the weight is too much but the functionality is just awesome. Efforts are worth.

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 Weighing Capacity of Camera Jib  21kg
 Jib Arm Material  High Grade Aluminum HE30
 Jib Arm wall Thickness  5mm
 Camera Crane Length  38ft
 Jib each Arm length  4ft
 Finish  Black Powder Coated
 Jib Arm Break downs to  10 Sections of jib arm
 Pan /Tilt Lock  NO

 Material Used  Rock Solid Heavy duty Jib stand (HD-STD) made of solid aluminum is foundation of Jib Crane
 Max height  7.2ft
 Made from  U-Mount 
 Hub Assembly Material  High Grade aluminum HE30 
 Length of Tripod  42''
 Hub Assembly Diameter  148mm
 Stand Legs  Has double locking system (Aluminum knob and Steel Pin Lock system as well) fully extendable
 Carrying Case size  34 inches
 Spreader Max Opening from center  2.4ft
 Spreader Distance  3.11ft
 Spreader weight  5lbs(2.3kg)
 Weighing Capacity  400kgs

-  38ft Wave 5 Jib crane
-  Tripod Stand (HD-STD)
-  FREE Tools and Tool Pouch/Wrap
-   Storage & Packing Cases


I really like the look & feel of this product - good functionality - precision made. I m a big fan of PROAIM now.
By Mr. Stephen, Canada

What a deal! Perfect for outdoor shoots. Pretty impressed with quality and functionality. Good customer service. First class all the way.
By Mr. Mandy, Russia

Superb product, Strong, well - built & outstanding service. All in all a great experience. Highly recommended.
By Mr. Slet, England

Wow! Incredible tool! It's my first jib so I really feel this is a great starting point, very helpful for me. Thank you very much.
By Mr. Ronald, Australia

Fantastic product! Everything seems extremely well made & solid, very great performance. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.
By Mr. Mack, United Kingdom