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Cinema Gear

Proaim Powermatic Scissor 17ft Jib

A Retractable Jib that Smoothly Moves In/Out of a Shot!

Proaim Polaris Dolly

Get the Functionality of High-End Doorway Dolly with Smoothness of Slider!

Proaim Victor Pro 42" Cart

Get Organized with the Cart that Works Best for You & Your Workflow!

Proaim Soundchief Cart

The Perfect On-The-Go, Organized Work Space for You!

Proaim Airwave V15 Arm

Curate the Ultra-Smooth Action/Chase Sequence at Any Speed On/Off Road!

Proaim Magnus Rickshaw

Want Smooth Dolly Moves without Tracks?
Take our Magnus Rickshaw for a Spin!

Proaim Quad-4 Pro Dolly & Bazooka

Light but Powerful,
Dolly Smoothly Maneuvers Heavy Loads on Set Like No Other!

Proaim Gripmax Car Mount

Adaptable & Reliable Car/Vehicle Rigging System for Your Smooth-Moving Shots!

Proaim Flyking Slider

Precision Slider that Produces Smooth Tracking Moves with Heavy Loads!

Flycam Flowline Master 180° with Placid

Get Smooth Shots with Much-Needed Back Comfort!

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