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Filmcity DSLR Camera Cage Shoulder Rig Kit

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A single camera gear

A single camera gear’ enough to put the audience into the heart of the action!

A shoulder rig becomes invaluable equipment when you want to put the audience into the heart of the action. It lets you move with the subject matter while keeping the camera stable, thus increasing the efficiency of the production.

To achieve this, you need a shoulder rig that

- Is compatible with your camera
- Have both modes – offset & straight
- Has rail system for mounting accessories
- Is lightweight & counter-balanced
- Doesn’t take too much of your budget

Years of experience in this field led to the creation of an FC-02 shoulder rig, which successfully meets the above criteria, & is being used by thousands of camera operators worldwide for the past many years.

Various components that come together to fulfill all the criteria of a good shoulder rig!

camera cage
(Revised on 23-01-2017)


Shoulder Rig

An Offset Shoulder Rig that Guarantees Stability, Comfort, Perfect Balance & Refined Quality.

cage kit

Handles (Revised on 23-01-2017)
Adjustable rubber grip handles for a stable hold on the rig.

Quick Release
Enables quick mounting & dismounting of the camera.

Shoulder Support Pad
Snug fit soft shoulder pad reduces strain on shoulders.

2lb Counter Weight
Balances the rig & takes the strain off your arms.

Straight Bracket
Straight bracket compatible with 15mm rails allows you to center align the camera for better eye line contact with your camera’s LCD.

Matte Box

MB-600 matte box is designed for all cameras with normal and wide-angle lenses up to 95mm diameter. It functions as a lens hood which eliminates unwanted lens glares.

cage kit

French & Side Flags
Provide extra protection from direct light.

4x4” Rotating Filter Holders
For polarized & combination of square filters.

Wraps around the barrel of your lense to block out any light completely.

Metal Front Adjuster
For adjusting the height up to 1.5 inches.

4:3 & 16:9 aspect ratios
Enable to use with both normal & wide angle lenses.

9” to 6” Convertible Cage Brackets

The cage is constructed from high-grade polyamide resin which is robust yet lightweight. It provides a solid base & support to your camera.

shoulder rig

Top Handle (Revised on 23-01-2017)
Soft grip top handle for taking low mode shots.

Accessory Mounting threads
To accessorize your kit.

Convertible Cage Bracket
9” to 6” conversion accommodates all cameras sizes.

Swing Away Mechanism
You can switch camera without dismantling the kit.

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

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  1. Great product for everyone
    review by Jane

    We bought this as a throw away rig not expecting anything great about it, well I was wrong. Guys I buy a lot of gear and we are in the field daily. I teach production and consult production. Our requirements are to say the least stringent and we don't put up with bad gear. This was a surprise to me to see how well this was engineered I was floored with the quality of the matte box although a bit stiff for the swing away and filter trays. I will never pump up a review. I love helping people make the right choices. This is a great product for anyone.

  2. The product is great
    review by Richardson

    The handles feel good to hold, the shoulder pad is comfortable, the mounting base moves freely up and down the rods, the C clamp is built solid and has additional pre drilled 1/4” threads for additional mounting. Everything on this rig relating to structural integrity is high quality aluminum and machined beautifully. I mount rig to tripod head but I just can't slide it back far enough to where it securely locks. I'm 6'3 and I've been told I have longer than normal arm length so if you're like me you might found this rig to be pushing a little on the short side / cramp but a purchase of a 15mm rod and threads will have you roomy again in no time. I'm using the rig with a Nikon D810 and various lenses that go from 12mm to 300mm and the rig was a little tip happy so now everything feels much better balanced.

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-  Material - Polyamide resin
-  Center to Center span of 60mm
-  15mm Rod diameter
-  Shoulder Support constructed from industrial grade High- impact, High-strength Polyamide resin
-  Adjustable comfort shoulder support pad of energy absorbing, pliable rubber
-  Soft grip rubber handles for reduced stress
-  Quick Release Plate with leveler
-  Standard camera mount thread setting of ¼" - 20
-  ¼" - 20 for Tripod Mounting

-  Shoulder Rig for DSLR (Revised on 23-Jan-2017)
-  2 x 300mm Female threaded Rods
-  1 x 300mm Learning Threaded Rod
-  2 x 300mm Male threaded Rods
-  2 x 200mm Female threaded Rods
-  2 x 150mm Male threaded Rods
-  2 x 100mm Male threaded Rods (Added on 4-Jan-2017)
-  2 x Accessory Mounting Adapter (Added on 4-Jan-2017)
-  MB-600 Matte Box
-  2 x 9" Cage Brackets
-  FREE Z-Bracket (Revised on 23-June-2016)
-  FREE 3x Wire organizer Clamp
-   Tripod Mounting Plate( Added on 31-Jan-2017)


Very solid build!! Flexible device for mounting accessories like mics, light, etc. Keep Up The Good Work!
By Mr. Rachel, United Kingdom

!! Filmcity Cage kit adds production value to my films and really easy to get smooth terrific shots.
By Mr. Felix, England

Superb work done!! Protected my camera from all wear & tear that occurred on sets. Saviour for my Camera!!!
By Ms. Julia, Spain

Ideal production tool!!Flawless in protection, Great in build, Awesome in flexibility. Highly recommended!!
By Mr. Molly, Spain

Great job!! Feels very solid, Fully Protective cage. Must have for all cinematographers. Two thumbs up!!
By Mr. Samantha, Germany