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Proaim Megagrip Car/Vehicle Camera Mount with Flight Case


Designed to be Quick

The Proaim Megagrip is a Highly Adaptable rigging system that can be easily and quickly mounted onto any moving platform for a stable and secure base for your Camera Setups.

The Megagrip is equipped with custom-designed clamps that allow 360° on pan and tilt axis, making it extremely easy to setup on any non-porous surface.
The rods included with the Megagrip are extendable, which allows for multiple setup options and customisation.
All the joints and connections can be adjusted by unfastening a few knobs, and the entire setup is completely Tools Free.

Proaim Megagrip Car/Vehicle Camera Mount
Proaim Megagrip Car/Vehicle Camera Mount

Robust, Stable and Secure

We understand mounting equipment worth thousands of dollars on the front of a moving car going at 100mph can be nerve-wracking. That is why we have spent a countless number of hours to find and test the Perfect Type of Suction Cup that can handle all the stress placed on it and stay completely secure and stable at all kinds of high speeds.

The Megagrip uses Industrial Grade 6" suction cups that have rated load capacities and are known to stay in place very securely.
The Suction Cups included with the Megagrip do not damage that glossy finish on your beloved car or any other surface it is mounted on.
Each and every part of the Proaim Megagrip has been made using the highest quality of Aluminum Alloys, Polymers and Stainless-Steel to ensure a rock-solid system that stands the test of time.

Level your Setup In Seconds

The camera platform of the Megagrip has a heavy-duty ball-levelling base with a rated load capacity of 15kgs. You can set the camera setup at any desired angle or level it within seconds, saving precious time on set.
The camera platform also has numerous free holes to mount multiple accessories as.

Proaim Megagrip Car/Vehicle Camera Mount
Proaim Megagrip Car/Vehicle Camera Mount

Comes Complete with All Safety Accessories

The Proaim Megagrip comes complete with all kinds of safety and protection accessories you might need.

The Included Silicone Dust Covers provide protection for your suction cups when not in use.
The Included Safety Belts add another layer of protection for the precious camera setup mounted onto the Proaim Megagrip.
The Proaim Megagrip comes snugly packed in a Hardcase with custom foam insert so you can safely store it away, or even travel with it.

See how the Megagrip Car Mount Works



  High-grade CNC Aluminum

Rod Clamps

  Pressure Die Cast Aluminum

Load Capacity (Still & Running)

  15kg / 33lb

Maximum Speed

  200 km/h

Product Weight (without flight case)

  9.66kg / 21.2lb

Product Weight (with flight case)

  22.96 kg / 50.61 lb

Product Weight (with flight case + cardboard packing)

  27.740kg / 61.15lb

Cardboard Box Dimensions (LxWxH)

  74 x 56 x 34 cm / 29.13 x 22.04 x 13.38 inches

Product Volume Weight

  28.17kg / 62.10lb

  In the Box

    Ball Leveling Camera Head   
    3 x Silicone Dust Covers
    6 x 360° Rod Clamps
    3 x 12” Rods (16mm diameter)
    3 x 24” Rods (16mm diameter)
    3 x Rod Connectors
    2 x Safety Belts
    4 x Rubber Sleeves
    Flight Case  

  User Manual

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