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Proaim Victor Video Production Camera Cart


What Makes Victor Cart the Best Choice?

Proaim Victor Video Production Camera Cart

Stable and Sturdy

Aluminium and Stainless-Steel Construction ensure stability even when loaded to the max payload of 300kgs/660lbs.

Compact and Quick

Toolless Assembly/Disassembly within 2-3 minutes. Quickly Packs down to a 7" thick rollable case.

Proaim Victor Video Production Camera Cart


Multiple accessories are available to calibrate this Cart into precisely what you need.

See how the Victor Cart Works



  High Grade Aluminum

Load Capacity


Cross-Bar length


Cross-Bar Dia


Tyre Pressure

  30 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)

Product Weight (without packing)

  CT-VCTR-48 : 53kg / 116.8lbs

Product Weight (with packing)

  CT-VCTR-48 : 60kg / 132lbs

  In the Box

  Proaim Victor Cart Trolley
  4 x 9" Pneumatic Tyres
  4 x Rods
  2 x Accessory Cross Bars

  User Manual

The Most Customizable Film Cart

The Proaim Victor Cart is much more than a standard camera cart. Choose from over 50 different accessories, and you can transform it into a DIT Cart, a Sound Cart, a Lighting Cart or even an Equipment Dolly.

Proaim Victor Video Production Camera Cart
Proaim Victor Video Production Camera Cart

Designed to be Convenient

The Proaim Victor Cart has been designed with the convenience of its user in mind. An average Assembly/Disassembly Time of 2-3 minutes, Tools Free Design and its ability to Collapse into a Compact 7" Thick Suitcase makes it the most user-friendly Cart out there. Simply put, the combination of these features help you in saving the precious time on-set and makes it super easy to travel with.

The Most Advanced Wheel System

The Proaim Victor comes equipped with 9" Pneumatic wheels and 100% sealed bearing housing which ensures that your Cart endures any kind of load placed upon it and still roll incredibly smooth and silent. The use of Pneumatic wheels instead of the industry-standard rubber wheels makes sure that the overall setup remains light, smooth and sturdy. The wheels attach to the Cart via a Dovetail Mechanism that ensures quick assembly and disassembly.

Proaim Victor Video Production Camera Cart
Proaim Victor Video Production Camera Cart

Always in Control

The specially designed foot brakes of the Victor Cart keep it completely steady, stable and secure for reliable parking and eliminating your worries even when you are not close to the Cart. The brakes have been designed so that they don't become loose over time even when the tires experience some wear and tear and the thickness decreases.

The full-width Push/Pull Handle provides ease of movement even when the Cart is fully loaded. The handles also help in lifting the Cart easily over obstacles when rolling it or packing it away for transportation or storage.

Built to Last

We know that a Film Cart is something you take with you on every set and it has to withstand elements of nature, things being dropped onto it, carry all the gear placed upon it and look amazing by the end of the day. This is why we use only the highest quality of raw materials, which comprises mainly of Aluminum and Stainless Steel to build this Cart out. Our emphasis on using only the best quality of raw materials makes sure the Cart lasts you a lifetime and is super stable even when fully loaded.

Proaim Victor Video Production Camera Cart

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