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Proaim Cineline Mitchell Floor/Track Camera Dolly Kit


Sturdy Versatile Support Offers Smooth, Pleasing Camera Moves

Ultimate Engineering Makes the Shot Work and Delivers Emotion to the Scene.
Meets the Production Needs of Motion Picture, Television and Video Industries.
More Stable Mitchell Base. Foldable Legs. Smart Compact Solution for Camera Operators.
Customizable Rigging for Any Production! Ready For Filming in a Minute!

Proaim Cineline Dolly - Accessible to Professionals Everywhere!

Mitchell base dolly track system


Video is for demonstration only
Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements

Whether you’re out in the field or inside the studio, the flexibility, power and innovation of Proaim Cineline Heavy-duty Mitchell Dolly gives Cinematographers / filmmakers complete creative freedom. The low profile Mitchell base provides a robust versatile support system for cameras. Dolly legs may be folded in for smaller footprint as well as for compact storage. The Modular Cineline Dolly comes with Levelling feet, Studio/Caster wheels and Track wheels. Hard anodized CNC aluminum construction with stainless steel fasteners ensures protection, durability and stability. The Dolly well-matches with Mitchell Base Mounts, Turnstile Mount, Track, and so on. It carries a huge amount of payload of up to 200kg/440lb & remains absolutely robust in operation. It is a rigging tool for building various sized bazooka bases, track dollies, and customized camera mounts, built on set to suit operational requirements. Ready for Broadcast Studio, Documentary, Cinema & Live Event Productions! Proaim Cineline brings maximum flexibility to every professional, provides adaptability in every situation you encounter!

Dolly with mitchell base 

Robust Mitchell Profile

Heavy-duty Mitchell baseplate makes dolly setup much more stable. You can use Mitchell/Euro camera risers & adapters for customizing as per your shooting requirements.

Adustable dolly legs with mitchell camera base

High-Strength Legs

The dolly includes 4 legs, which can be adjusted to your requirement. These are flexible enough to cover different angles, and can be folded-in for use in narrow spaces. All the 4 legs are equipped with locking lever to hold the wheels or feet in position. There are magnets on sides to protect Allen key and makes it easily accessible. You can use the Dolly in 3-legs or 4-legs configuration as per your setup needs

mitchell base camera platform with mitchell base tunstile chair

Cineline on Studio Wheels

The dolly system is suitable for a quick and simplified use on plain studio floors. The silent and smooth lockable studio wheels can be used with either three or four legs. The 3-leg setup of Cineline is effective for shooting with lighter camera setups. The easy assembly allows wheel change in seconds, simply rotate the knob and the wheel is in/out!

dolly track with floor wheels

Cineline on Levelling Feet

The height adjustable swivel feet with rubber soles, make this dolly perfectly suitable for capturing shots on uneven ground or different surfaces.

Camera Crane dolly track system

Cineline on Track Wheels

The kit is suitable for an even run on standard track rails for passionate movement via sturdy tracking wheels. The 4-legs configuration can be used for heavier setups, along with your turnstile mount and single seating. The curling of the wheels is made of hard rubber and wheels fit easily & quickly.

Camera Crane dolly track system with levelling feet



camera crane dolly system with bazooka

camera crane dolly system with bazooka
The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

- Construction: Commercial-grade Aluminum
- Load Capacity on Track & Floor: 200kg/440lb
- Track Distance (4 legs): 24.5"
- Track Distance (3 legs): 28-32"
- Track Wheel Diameter: 60mm
- Floor Wheel Diameter: 100mm
- Compatible Track: 16ft Stream Track (4Legs)
- Compatible Tracks: TRK-16-32 & P-TRK-12 (3Legs)
- Complete Product Weight: 19kg/42lb
- Box Dimensions: 88cm x 61cm x 28cm
- Gross Weight: 36kg/79lb

  • Mitchell Base
  • 4 x Legs
  • 4 x Studio Wheels
  • 4 x Levelling Feet
  • 4 x Track Wheels
  • Flight Transport Case

  • Is it possible to mount Proaim 10' Wave-2 pro Jib Crane and Proaim Cambird Pro 6ft Camera Slider on Proaim Cineline Mitchell Dolly Kit?

    Yes, the 10' Wave-2  jib and the Cambird pro 6ft slider can be mounted on this dolly with the help of a turnstile, Bazooka with 100ml bowl Riser.
    Reference images: &