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Flycam Truecam Motion Head

For Stabilizers

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A Revolutionary Motorized Gimbal for HD Camera Stabilizers!

Flycam Truecam is a gimbal which is masterfully designed for Handheld Stabilizers and to keeps the camera horizontal no matter how you move the stabilizer. Truecam completely isolates roll of the camera. Now you can move from high mode to low mode and back again, in one single fluid, cinematic shot while your camera automatically remains level and horizontal at all times.

This CNC Aluminum constructed Flycam gimbal when combines with the Flycam stabilizers provides stable videos. You can even rotate the stabilizer a full 360°,and the camera will keep its position the entire time. Its custom sensors, powerful motors and advanced algorithms put world-class precision in your hands.

gimbal pan tilt head


Revised on 4-Sept-2017

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Complementing Flycam Range

It can be attached to Flycam HD-3000, Flycam HD-5000 and Flycam Redking Handheld Camera Stabilizers to produce incredibly stable sequences.

gimbal for dslr cameras

Brushless Motor

The motor works with position feedback and IMU sensor (Inertial Memory Unit) to communicate with our custom 32-bit controller. Combining the accuracy of our sensor with the speed of the controller equals perfectly stable video in a single axis with 0.02° of accuracy.

lightweight and solid aluminum pan tilt

Precise Scaling

Features a ruled edge with both imperial and metric divisions for precise, repeatable moves and easy positioning.

lightweight and solid aluminum pan tilt

Camera Platform

The camera plate comes with 1/4”-20 standard thread for mounting lightweight cameras from 0.7-2.5kg / 1.5-5.5lbs.

CNC aluminum gimbal for stabilizers

Battery Operated

The gimbal works on 12V battery.

(Battery not included)

rotational gimbal stabilizer

Height Adjustment

Enables you to adjust the height of camera plate.

Gimbal for camera stabilizer

Diverse Shooting Angles

Flycam Truecam allows you to shoot in multiple angles and it keeps camera level at horizontal position the entire time.

camera gimbal stabilizer


dslr gimbal

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose.

- Construction: CNC made Aluminum
- Camera Mounting Screw: 1/4"-20
- Weighing Capacity: 0.7-2.5kg / 1.5-5.5lbs
- Angular Vibration Range: ±0.02°
- Roll Axis Control: 360°/s
- Motor Type: 1 x Brushless with factory pre-programmed system
- Processing: 32-bit processor
- System Requirements: Windows: 32- or 64-bit and mac
- Supported Camera Dimensions:
                                             Max Dimensions: 8" width, 12" length, and 6" height.
                                             No more than 4" of clearance from the back of the camera to the mounting hole.
- Power Requirements: 12 volt DV Battery
- Operating Temperature: 15 to 105°F (sensor performs best when not below freezing, 32 degrees F.)
- Built in slip-ring allowing 360 degree rotations of the motor without twisting wires.

- Truecam Head
- USB Cable
- 1/4"-20 Camera Bolt