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Camtree Hunt Advanced FS100 Rig Kit

for Sony NEX FS100

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Our next generation FS100 Shoulder Rig kit meets and exceeds the demands that are important to every professional shooter, photographer or amateur.The FS100 advance kit offers multiple mounting alternatives to all Sony NEX-FS100 users. Comes with Fully adjustable rubber skid proof, universal front handle with dual lock that fits 15mm/19mm rail systems, camera base plate with top handle to achieve perfect balance for handheld use or when mounted on a tripod,slip less shoulder pad for comfort and stable shooting and adjustable battery mounting plate for uninterrupted shooting. The kit also includes a follow focus that helps in sharp and accurate focus pulls, a matte box that add cinematic effects in your footage. Camtree Hunt EVF mount allows you to mount almost any EVF on to a camera. It stabilizes your DSLR rig for all kind of shots by vanishing the harsh bumps while tilting or panning the shoulder rig. Adding production value through shot selection just got a whole lot easier.

camtree hunt review


(Revised on 11-Sep-19)

camera rig accessories


-  Light but robust components.
-  Perfect Eye Level.
-  Comfortable shoulder pad - easily removable.
-  EVF mount supports additional viewfinders.
-  FS100 Top Plate provides extra accident protection.
-  MB-20 is designed to fit 15mm rods with an o/d of 105mm.
-  Specially designed for Sony NEX-FS100 Camera.
-  Top and Bottom support are adjustable for optical center.
-  Easy to use, full swing away feature when not in use.
-  Fully adjustable flags (barn doors).
-  360 degree tilting of mounting bracket.
-  HS-1000 has newly designed gearbox for precision play-free performance.
-  Allows extremely focusing lenses to be geared and used with Follow Focus industry standard 0.8 module.
-  Multiple mounting options - LCD monitors, Fire store, H4N Sound recorder and more.
-  World-class remote control of stills and video.
-  Simple to operate.
-  Small, and easily portable

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Besides more protection for your camera investment, it is now easy to customize your rig with multiple accessory options. The FS100 plate offers multiple mounting alternatives to all Sony NEX-FS100 users. Secure your camera with the 2 X 1/4” threaded holes on the camera’s top. You can attach the handle to the cheese plate in two positions.

shoulder rig handle

Fully adjustable, rubber skid proof, universal handle grip with dual lock fits 15mm/19mm rail rod systems. You can adjust this dual joint handle to any angle with the provided rosette lock system.

fs100 rig

The part is machined from lightweight aluminium alloy, using CNC techniques and hard anodized in black to provide a finish which is highly durable, and very resistant to scratching. It allows you to connect any of our threaded 15mm rods together. Easy Connection just simply screw it to one rod firstly, then please connect the second rod and it's done.

camtree hunt fs100 camera top handle

Custom designed for the popular Sony NEX-FS100. You can configure FS100 top plate in several ways to achieve perfect balance for handheld use or when mounted on a tripod.

fs100 baseplate

You can move the top plate forward or rearward so if you are running a large lens, rear mount battery or other accessories in the rear, you can easily achieve the balance you need. Separate use of the top plate allows you to mount your plate directly to the top of the camera.

nex-fs100 shoulder pad

A Slipless shoulder pad for comfort and stable shooting with ribs for unique feel of grip. Adding stability and comfort, our shoulder pad design reduces stress and provides a more stable shooting platform. It helps you to produce silky smooth, picture-perfect, effortless shots.

handheld rig

A multipurpose battery and accessory mounting plate with several ¼” threaded holes holds Rod Clamps, Cheese Plates and more. Variable angle adjustment is made using the provided knob.


Masterfully engineered Matte Box MB-20 with full swing away feature and french flag enables the user to get cinematic effects. It is completely adjustable and can be altered according to the requirement. Compatible enough to go with any other accessory. A masterpiece with quality worked upon is a perfect companion for your kit.

camera rig

Make your craftsmanship more effective with MB-20


Proaim introduces its most durable HS-1000 follow focus allowing you to smoothly and accurately pull focus with cinema and DSLR lenses equipped with gear rings. Integrated into the follow focus are hard stops, letting you set start/end points on DSLR lenses for quick focus racking between two focus points. Additionally, the follow focus features movable focus indicators which allow to pull focus from different place on the camera. It assists in preventing obstruction of the view during lens adjustments and allows you to create more complex shots and scenes. The included magnetic marking disk enables to view your focus marks from various angles. Elevate your craft, create awesome shot effects and professional-quality results.

support rig

Agile and smooth with great focusing technique


It's a compact and versatile mounting system that allows you to mount almost any EVF on to a camera. This mini-mount provides a secure, lightweight interface that allows vertical adjustment for comfortable ‘eye level’ viewing.

dslr kits

CNC constructed ideal for any EVF


V-Remote control is designed to take videos more conveniently. It's highlysensitive, has a long distance range, and operates easily. The start/stop button mounts conveniently on handle of your rig via its Velcro strap. It’s pretty easy to use; simply attaches to the handle of your rig. Free your hands from camera; remotely start & stop video; trigger the shutter whenever and wherever you want.

Note: V remote control is compatible with any camera having 2.5 mm jack plug.

 photography accessories

Fits most rig handles , Camera strap also be held in your hand


shoulder mount dslr

Enables the video professional to maximize coverage in every shot

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

-  Fit Rail diameter - 15mm
-  CNC precision made metallic construction with a carbon fiber hood
-  Mounting rods are aluminum - precision made to standard specifications
-  CNC made camera mount plate, knobs and rod support
-  Threaded screw mounts of 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16
-  Battery plate with threaded screw mounts of 1/4"-20
-  4 pc 300mm Female Threaded Rods
-  2 pc 100mm Male Threaded Rods
-  Shoulder Rig - center to center span of 60mm
-  Metal camera plate with tripod mount plate


-  Gear Arm adjustable distance - 5.5 cm
-  Fit Rail Distance - 60 mm
-  Fit Rail Diameter - 15 mm
-  CNC made Aluminium Construction
-  Nylon gears and ABS 360 degree Dial Index Adjustment.
-  Product Weight - 640 gm/1.408 lb

- Construction

  • Sunshade : polyamide Resin
  • Flags, Swing away bracket : aluminum
  • Knickers : Black Fabric
  • - Matte box Outer Diameter : 105mm
    - Matte box Dimensions : 22.5 x 15.5 x 19.5 cms (l x w x h)
    - Depth : 7cm
    - Aspect Ratio : 16:9
    - Height Adjustment : 3cm
    - Knickers length : 4inch
    - Filter Holders : Two 4x4". One is 180 degree rotatable & other is is static
    - Top Flag Dimensions:
  • 19 x 12.5 cms (Folded)
  • 38 x 12.5 cms (Open)
  • - Side Flag Dimensions
  • 15.5 x 11.7 cms (Folded)
  • 22.5 x 11.7 cms (Open)
  • - Weight of Product (without packing) : 1 kg (2.2 lbs)


    -  Rod size - 14cm
    -  Weight - 210g
    -  Rod built from lightweight but sturdy aluminum

    -  Camtree Hunt CH-1 Shoulder rig
    -  FS100 Top plate with handle (FS100-TP)
    -  FS100 Baseplate (FS100-BP)
    -  MB-20 Matte box (Revised on 11-Sep-19)
    -  HS-1000 Follow Focus
    -  EVF mount
    -  FREE V-Remote Controller (Added on 09-Sept-2016)