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Proaim Sky-Dweller 10ft Camera Jib with Seat Platform, Marshal Dolly and Centre Column


Strong Jib Arm Where 2 Persons Can Sit On!

Thoughtful Engineering – Very Stable Crane Arm with Double Safety

More Precision in Movement. Extremely Portable and Easy to Set-Up

Specially Designed Heavy-duty Dolly & Column for Solid Foundation & Easy Transportation.

Proaim Sky-Dweller Jib is the most advanced version of Proaim Jibs & Cranes. It is designed to offer benefits of a rideable jib in smaller studios, or on locations. The versatile and durable high-grade Aluminum constructed 10ft/3mtr long jib can carry up to 200kg/440lb and offers movement up to 5’6” height. The platform offers space on the Turnstile Mount to fit two Seat Arms with Round Seats and a Euro Mount for mounting Bazooka , Camera Height Riser, etc. Proaim Sky-Dweller Jib comes with High-Low Rig which is an extension for achieving either shots close to the ground or high shots. Sky-Dweller includes Marshal Dolly with Centre Column which is a solid chassis (fixed width) Dolly, able to carry larger payloads up to 1000Kg/1Ton. The base is equipped with steerable pneumatic tyres for easy maneuverability, but these tyres are NOT suitable for use when the jib is set up. Proaim Sky-Dweller Jib satisfies the demands of operator when it comes to safety, transport, ease of assembly and in-shot stability as well as giving the DOP an amazing range of choice to create that dream shot.


Setup Versions of Platform



Highlights of Proaim Sky-Dweller Jib



CAUTION: The jib is disassembled in reverse order. Firstly, make sure to remove a few counterweights and then first person. Gradually remove a few more counterweights then second person, followed by rest of the counterweights.

Proaim Marshal Dolly with Centre Column

The High-Grade aluminum made Wide Marshal Dolly & Centre Column ensures rigidity of complete jib system. It is specially designed to carry heaviest of loads, up to 1000kg/1Ton, with an ease. It operates on smooth studio floors and can be used outdoors on hard surfaces with excellent results.


Proaim Column

Proaim Column includes 2 sections; the bottom section is removable which allows assembly of the jib at a low, pivot height of 1.2ft/14" perfect for the close to the ground shots. When connected, the jib can be elevated at total height of 2.2ft/26" for high shots.


- Construction: High Grade Aluminum
- Load Capacity: 200kg / 440lb
- Maximum Length: 10ft / 3m
- Minimum Length: 5.10ft / 1.5m
- Maximum Jib Height (with Platform): 8.5ft / 2.6m
- Minimum Jib Height (with Platform): 2ft / 0.6m
- Compatible Track: Stream Track

Box 1: Jib Section, Hub, Weight Rods – Flight Case
- Product Weight (without packing): 75kg / 165lb
- Dimensions (with carton box) LxWxH: 135x45x71 cm

Box 2: Turnstile Mount with Platform, High-Low Rig - Flight Case
- Product Weight (without packing): 75kg / 165lb
- Dimensions (with carton box) LxWxH: 132x75x33 cm


- Load Capacity of Dolly: 1000kg / 1Ton
- Column Length:3.4ft
- Floor to Dolly Height: 6.5inch
- Floor to Column Height: 3.10ft
- Dolly Length (Wheel to Wheel): 4ft
- Dolly Width: 3.5ft
- Solid Rubber Wheel: Height- 10”, Thickness- 4”

Box 3: Dolly Structure - Wooden Case
- Product Weight (without packing): 50kg / 110lb
- Dimensions (with carton box) LxWxH: 140x30x110 cm

Box 4: Column - Flight Case
- Product Weight (without packing): 30kg / 66lb
- Dimensions (with carton box) LxWxH: 100x35x35 cm

- 10ft Sky-Dweller Jib
- Turnstile Mount with Platform
- High-Low Rig
- Counterweight Basket
- 3 x Counterweight Rods
- 1 x Connection Rod
- 1 x Jib Support Rod
- Marshal Dolly with Centre Column & 4 x Levelling Support Feet
- Flight Transport Cases + Wooden Case


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