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Proaim Clip 10.6ft Foldable Modular Travel Track

For Camera Dollies & Light Cranes

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Need Effortless Moving Shots for Film, Studio or TV Production?

Most Compact, Light & Quick Track System for Dollies & Jibs!

Long-lasting, Tool-less, Fast Assembly Track – will make Your Setup Crew Happy!

High Grade Material, Secure End Stoppers, Track Pads, Time Saver Elastic-Cord Clipping Design!

Proaim Clip 10.6ft Foldable Modular Travel Track

Proaim introduces 10.6t Long Straight Aluminum Clip track, which fasten together on unfold for quick and easy use. Proaim Clip Track allows you to capture the action on locations wherever you are - with perfect smoothness and least effort. You can lay out 10.6ft of track on your own; installs quickly and easily in 2 minutes, as they are connected together with elastic cord; this also makes it impossible to lose any parts. It breaks down into 4 sections of 2.65ft each and has a rail diameter of 30mm/1.18”. Clip Track easily carries weight up to 300kg/660lb and allows smooth moving shots with the camera on your Dolly, Tripod or on a light Crane. The operator can easily walk between rails without any worries of tripping or knocking crossties. Track Pads help you setup quickly on uneven surfaces such as sand, grass or snow. End Stoppers prevent the dolly from getting dislocated. Silent, smooth, bump-free camera moves can be accomplished much quicker than with conventional tracks. Most versatile, well-organised and professional track helps filmmakers to confidently film with moving camera!

Camera Crane dolly track system


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- Strong, Lightweight design
- Self-centring round bars
- Tool-less connection
- Smooth Sliding camera shots
- Short set-up time, just 2 minutes
- Travel-friendly transport dimensions

Your Workflow Simplified!

10.6ft track title=

Compatible Dollies

10.6ft straight track system

Paladin Dolly

Supreme Dolly

Cineline Dolly

Infinity Dolly

- Total Track Length: 10.6ft
- Each Section Length: 2.65ft
- Track Dia: 30mm
- Payload: 300kg/660lb
- Product Weight: 7kg/15.4lbs

- 10.6ft Track
- 6pc Track Pads
- 2pc End Stoppers

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