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Flycam C15 Video Camera Stabilizer

Makes Steady Shooting Much Easier!
Professional Stabilizer maintains smooth footage during operation.
Built for medium/heavy cameras. Fulfills all your video production needs!

Flycam launches its Professional C15 Handheld Stabilizer that offers superfine smooth moves in action. Robust yet Light Stabilizer system with payload 4kg/8.8lb adapts most DSLR Video Cameras and allows capturi hi-end shots with better stability and flexibility. This compact system gives videographers the ability to create smooth videos while the camera is in motion. Highly Versatile Stabilizer system can be set up in multiple ways to accommodate various shooting styles - use handheld, with arm brace or with arm & vest together. The stabilizer has uncompromising quality and all the necessary features to get the job done at an affordable price. More convenient & easy to operate Flycam C15 brings an added level of professionalism to your productions that you are sure to appreciate.


Quality Construction
CNC Aluminum machined Precisely Designed Parts offer Durability for Years to Come.

Scaling Head
Built-in measuring scale offers quick & precise adjustments. This modern feature lets you balance the camera at desired setting in no time.

Sturdy Camera Platform
Camera Platform with X & Y adjustments helps adjusting the horizontal balance quickly. Dovetail QR Plate with 1/4"-20 screw holds most DSLR video cameras. It has a zip lock feature that allows faster assembly compared to other camera platforms.

Adjustable 3-Axis Gimbal
High Precision, Adjustable 3-axis Gimbal with bearings offers smooth 360° on-axis movements with high/low angle shooting. Grip Angle bracket enables grip to swivel left/Right and move up/down for easy vertical movement.

Soft Grip Handle
Ergonomic, extra smooth handle with easy grip moves up and down or side-to-side according to your need. Soft foam grip makes it easy on hands and offers Anti-slip flexible control.

Dynamic Base Platform
The Base Platform contains 16 weight discs that make it easy to adjust the vertical balance. Add or remove weights as per your camera’s requirement.
- Construction: High-grade CNC Aluminum
- Load Capacity: 1-4kg / 2.2-8.8lb
- Camera mounting: 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16
- Head Dimensions: 170 x 55mm
- Base Platform Dimensions: 305 x 130mm
- Total length: 640mm
- Number of weight plates: 16
- Weight of single weight plate: 97gram
- Flycam weight without weight plates: 1.635kg / 3.6lb
- Flycam weight with weight plates: 4kg / 8.8lb
Flycam C15 Video Camera Stabilizer
16 Weight Plates