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Camtree Rayo Mini 8ft Track Dolly Slider


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  Generate your creativity with exceptionally stable movements
mini rayo 8ft track dolly slider

Camtree proudly unveils its lightweight and travel friendly RAYO Mini 8ft track dolly slider which offers maximum smoothness to your video production in any situation. The dolly slider has portable tracking solution for almost all types of cameras and camcorders. The strong aluminium design of camera slider offers you vibration free and shake-free shoots regardless of rough ground or uneven surfaces. RAYO with 8 feet of track is a compact slider/dolly system for table top and ground level dolly/tracking shots. Its size makes it more flexible to use in small rooms or in wide outdoor locations. Achieving something like the perfect “reveal shot” is quick and easy. You can create beautiful transitions between scenes or subtle intro shots with our Camtree 8ft mini rayo camera track dolly slider.


 - Camtree RAYO Dolly
 - 4 x 4ft 25mm Square Rail
 - 3 x Adjustable Feet
 - 75mm & 100mm Bowl Mount
 - Carrying Case

Onlocation mini rayo

Easy camera set up and effortlessly balanced slider
RAYO Mini 8ft track dolly slider
  Conversion rings to escalate fluid head mounting possibilities
Camtree RAYO Mini 8ft track dolly slider
Central support for extra steadiness to your set up

Camtree RAYO Mini 8ft track dolly slider
Inaudible slides with precise sealed Ball-bearing System

Camtree RAYO dolly slider specs  SPECIFICATIONS

- Weight of Product : 7.9 kg/17.38 lb
- Load Capacity : 25 kg/55 lb
- Total Length :- 8ft
- Rail distance :- 120mm
- Wheel Material :- Oring
- Tilting Angle :- 180o to 260o
                            180o to 120o
- Dimension of dolly platform: 10"x 6"
- Tripod Mounting Thread :- 1/4"-20
- Camera Mounting Screw :- 3/8"-16
- Accessory Mounting Threads :-1/4"-20

Adjustable all-terrain legs with rubber feet

Mini RAYO adjustable feet
Capture effortless motion pictures
Mini RAYO with dslr
         Triple tripod mounting capability for extra stability

8ft Mini RAYO dolly slider
       Enhance your creativity with inverted angle operation
RAYO dolly slider underslung use
Modular design
8ft and 4ft RAYO dolly slider
Dynamic tilting shots on-the-go

Mini RAYO dolly slider

Carrying Case
RAYO Mini bag
A new name for smoothness

Slider Dolly mini rayo

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

Camera slider

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  1. Very smooth with quality build.
    review by Amelia

    Great product. Very smooth with quality build. Have not had any problems when sliding or when mounted to a tripod. If you want to add silicone or small amount of lubrication to the rails so it is even smoother. No Cons till now.

  2. Worth the price!
    review by Alex

    We do our own video for website and this works just fine, has a level on it that is fantastic because correcting a crooked video is impossible. The dolly glides smoothly and the video turns out very good. It is a lot higher quality than I expected, well worth the price.

  3. Great product!
    review by Jamie

    This is my first track dolly. I almost built one but it would have been cheaper to get this one. It is sturdy and flows smoothly. It comes with four adjustable nobs on either end to adjust for height. I've created many interesting shots with this track slider and don't regret buying it.

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-  Weight of Product : 7.9 kg/17.38 lb
-  Dolly Slider Load Capacity: 25 kg/55 lb
-  Total Length :- 8ft
-  4 x 4ft 25mm Square Rail
-  Rail distance :- 120mm
-  Wheel Material :- Oring
-  Tilting Angle :- 180o to 260o
        180o to 120o
-  Tripod Mounting Thread :- 1/4"-20
-  Camera Mounting Screw :- 3/8"-16
-  Accessory Mounting Threads :-1/4"-20

-  Camtree RAYO Dolly Track Slider
-  4 x 4ft 25mm Square Rail track
-  3 x Adjustable Feet
-  75mm & 100mm Bowl Mount
-  Carrying Case

I was very happy to feel the quality of this slider, sturdy, secure & does a great job. Thanks PROAIM.
By Mr. Casper, New York

Brilliant slider! Actions are slick, light & easy. setup, construction is surprisingly strong & remarkable results. I love it.
By Mr. Henry, England

Outstanding item! High build quality & lightweight precision construction, unbelievable smooth & silent. On the whole great transaction.
By Mr. Oliver, New Zealand

Gorgeous Product! I was able to get super smooth shots - horizontal, vertical & crazy angles this slider works great. Strongly recommended!!
By Mr. Laim, Iraq

Stunning slider! Very quick to assemble - works great on tripods, feel comfortable, everything is secure. All in all great experience.
By Mr. Sebastian, Austria

Simple and effective; more stable and flexible. Highly recommended.
By Mr. Glenn, Hungary