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CAMTREE HUNT Dovetail Shoulder Mount Rig With Top Handle & Base Plate

for Blackmagic Cinema Camera / Production Camera 4K

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Introducing new and advanced Filmmaking rig specially designed for Blackmagic Cinema camera. This High Strength Shoulder rig kit allows videomakers to shoot smooth & stable shots for long durations without getting exhausted. It features rosette extension arms to position the grips at a more comfortable distance away from your body. The rig is based on an ARRI standard dovetail and a crossbar with ARRI rosettes for attaching the included handles or rosette arms. Another improvement sees an Arca-Swiss style dovetail added to the underside of the ARRI dovetail plate, allowing the shoulder pad to be adjusted forwards and backwards. The multiple threaded holes add the possibility of attaching accessories such as monitors, rod clamps, cheeseplates, and battery mounts.

Dovetail Shoulder Mount Rig



Design that’s Hard to Find

This quality constructed rig is designed in such a way that it perfectly matches with your Blackmagic Cinema camera. This well engineered design is best for comfort, usability & performance

Dovetail Shoulder Mount Rig for blackmagic cinema camera

Comfort that’s Unbelievable

Carrying the rig & capturing a big event with smooth, stabilized & high impact shots was never so comfortable. This comfort laden rig allows user to shoot as long as it takes, without getting tired.

Blackmagic cinema camera Dovetail Shoulder Mount Rig

Customization that’s Beyond Limits

This performance package expands to a full fledge filmmaking kit. The numerous mounting threads add possibility of attaching various accessories to it.

Blackmagic Shoulder Mount Rig

Front Handle that’s Infinitely Adjustable

Rubber skid proof, dual joint handle adjusts to any angle with the provided rosette lock system. The comfortable hand grips offer secure handling and stability.

Dovetail Shoulder Mount Rig for blackmagic cinema camera 4k 

Top Handle that’s Equipped with Mounting Threads

Robust Top handle features numerous threads for mounting various accessories & makes the rig easy to carry.

Dovetail Shoulder Mount Rig 

Shoulder Pad that’s Ergonomically Designed

Ergonomically designed shoulder pad provides immense comfort for long shooting hours. Shoulder pad can be adjusted forward or backward.

 Dovetail Shoulder  Rig

Dovetail & Crossbar that’s Moveable

The Crossbar with dovetail can be adjusted left to right on a NATO standard rail for user convenience. The Quick Release base is compatible with Arri BP8 and Arri BP9 Bridgeplates.

Shoulder Rig for blackmagic camera 

Quality & Performance that’s Unbeatable

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

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-  Compatibility: Blackmagic Cinema Camera
-  Construction: High grade Aluminum
-  Camera Mounting Screws: 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16
-  Accessory Mounting threads: 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16
-  Shoulder Pad: Polyurethane Rubber
-  Product weight (without packing): 2.85 kg / 6.3 lb

- Blackmagic Cinema Camera Top Plate with Handle
- Base Plate
- Dovetail Plate
- Front Handle Set
- Shoulder Pad
- 2 x 200mm (Dia:15mm) Female Threaded Rods